Queen Leticia also has an Instagram account

Queen Letizia has a secret Instagram

From famous presidents, to athletes and singers, they have a profile on social networks, but did you know that Queen Leticia also has an Instagram account? This figure of Spanish royalty has launched his profile on the social network and here we tell you everything.

It is an unofficial account that some researchers from "Fiesta", the weekend television program on Telecinco Spain, have detected, where apparently he does it under a false name and with the intention of knowing protocol aspects of his daughter. Let's learn more about this topic that she is giving us something to talk about.

How did they discover Queen Leticia's Instagram account?

Alejandro Entrambasaguas researcher

Alejandro Entrambasaguas, is a journalist, researcher and collaborator of the Fiesta program that is broadcast on Telecinco and has described everything about the secret Instagram account of Letizia Ortiz, Queen consort of Spain. It is a profile that he uses under a false name, it is private and does not have any type of publication.

According to the researcher, one of the suspicious data that indicates that it could be Queen Letizia's is because she follows Victoria Federica, one of her nieces. This follower raised alarms in Entambasaguas, to the point of "assuring" that it is her Instagram account. In addition, he added that "at the moment, it is not known if he uses other social networks, but it is certain that he uses Instagram."

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Get to know the tastes of Queen Leticia

Queen Leticia consumes fitness and nutrition content through this Instagram account. In addition, she follows the latest fashion trends and information about movies and music, two of her great hobbies. Let's see what else she follows and how she enjoys it:


In musical matters, Queen Letizia has said that it is one of her greatest hobbies. In this "supposed Instagram account", she follows an indie-style musical group, which reveals a little about her musical tastes.


Regarding fashion, follow accounts that talk about the latest trend on how to dress and look better in season.


The queen's physical health looks very good, we don't know if it is due to her private trainers or because of the routines she watches on fitness accounts' Instagram.


Take care of your diet and while doing so, look for news about healthy foods to include in your real menu. In addition, you can share recipes with the royal chef and tips for preparing new dishes.


According to what was stated by the researcher, Queen Letizia follows the accounts of novel writers, especially new promises of Spanish literature.


Cinema is part of his other hobbies, so he follows stories about art and entertainment. Maybe you talk about recommendations and what to see at home this weekend.

What is the true intention of creating this account?

Why does Queen Letizia have a secret Instagram

The truth behind this Instagram account of Queen Letizia Ortiz is to use the profile to follow in detail everything that is said about the protocol and public acts of her daughter Leonor. In addition, to follow her most precious hobbies such as music and cinema.

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Celebrity accounts on Instagram are public and notorious, they have thousands of followers and hundreds of publications. That of Queen Letizia de Ortiz is the complete opposite, because she does not seek to go viral, only to be informed of world events. What do you think of this strategy of the queen of using her social networks to be aware of what is happening?