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Solitaire is a classic computer game that gives more than one person a bit of nostalgia. Being at the same time a challenging game and a simple way to pass the time, this was the favorite hobby of many people when the legendary Windows XP was all the rage. If you have wanted to play solitaire again, you have come to the right place. Today I'm going to show you the best websites to play solitaire online.

Solitaire may not open on PC or may not work properly (it happens to a lot of people). Maybe you just want play from your phone and prefer not to download an app. Whatever the reason, it is irrelevant. exist many websites capable of giving you a very good experience playing solitaire And I am going to point out the best ones.

Being able to play a game directly on a website is a huge advantage in certain ways. For example:

  • You don't have to download a third-party app. Which is a risk because it can come with viruses, it also wastes time and data.
  • You save having an extra application installed on your phone. This can slow down your problem and waste space.
  • You will never have to update the appInstead, from time to time you will come to the website and see some new feature.
  • Most of the time, everything works in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about your phone getting hot.

And many other reasons that can vary a lot depending on the specific case of each one. In short, the reasons for preferring an app also exist, but I'll leave them to you for homework. Let's get to know The best online websites to play solitaire.

google solitaire

solitaire from google webs online

Google solitaire is the easiest to find of all. All you have to do is put Solitaire in the Google search engine, and it will be the first to come up. Being from Google you don't even have to enter a website, runs from the same browser.

As soon as you open the game (by pressing “Play”), a pop-up screen appears inviting you to play. below you can select between the two available difficulties: “Easy” and “Hard”. Each difficulty is perfectly suited to your level, and obviously, hard mode means more of a challenge.

The game interface is quite simple., with the classic green table where the cards are played. Plus you have  point, movement and time counter. At the top right you have the options to remove or add audio and an "X" where you can close the game. At the bottom of the table, you have the options of “Undo” (to go back to the previous move) and “New” (to restart the game).

In general, it has an aesthetic and simple appearance, which makes the gameplay more pleasant. Remember, to play this solitaire, you just have to put "Solitaire" in the search engine, and then give “To play” in the first option.

Lonely solitaire online websites

If you want a slightly more elaborate website, you should try This page is the solitaire capital of the internet, to put it mildly. With a large number of users every day, this site has top player registration, challenges for you to complete and other social type events. If you usually have good scores, come here, lonely he will keep them all for you so you can brag about them.

Sure, to make the most of it you will have to create an account. But how long does it take you to put an email and the same password that it takes for everything? For having all your bookmarks and scores organized, it sure is worth it.

Also, if at any point you get bored with the website, you can download any of the apps, they are for Android and iOS, and they are in the Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. This speaks highly of the seriousness and security of the software.

But I haven't even mentioned the best thing about this website, which is that it offers a good amount of similar games. So now you know, there is no getting bored because you can always jump to another game. The different card games they offer are:

  • Classic solitaire (in 10 different variants)
  • Spider Solitaire (8 variants)
  • Card games varied (4 different games)
  • White card (in 5 of its variants)
  • Lonely Yukon (5 variants)
  • 40 Thieves (3 variants)
  • Lonely Golf (5 variants)
  • Pyramid (3 variants)

Therefore, if you get bored, it will definitely be because you did not feel like playing any card game.

Once inside the games, you will be able to access the rules (to learn) and hints (help). You will have at your disposal various statistics and an “Undo” button.



This website does not deal with distractions, as soon as you enter it starts you playing the Classic solitaire of a lifetime. Something that stands out is his Visual resemblance to turn-of-the-century Windows solitaire.

In the interface we will see the normal factors of the game, with the Statistics Score and Time. Time will start running once you make the first move.

Right next to the mentioned statistics appear some options. First there are the classics "New game" y "Undo". Then others appear: Options (to adjust the game mode), Statistics (more in detail), Help (about the site and how to play), Languages y Other games (with several classic old computer games).

Well, if you're not looking for anything fancy, but rather to play the old games in their original look, is what you were looking for.

lonely the best online websites

If for some reason, what you have seen is not enough for you, it could be the one you like. You enter directly and the game of the day in progress. You also get an option next to automatically sign in with your Google account, something quite fast and little intrusive.

In Solitaired, the game of the day comes out to all the people, in this way, later they can discuss it among themselves and help each other

As for the game, there is nothing special. exist several modification options, the normal buttons (here we have one of “Tracks” also). Besides that we many more games appear at the top.

And that's all, I hope I've been helpful.

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