With Beta-Maniac you can test applications

You can test applications with Beta-Maniac.

Competition in the world of mobile applications is fierce, so launching a new app on the market can be a real challenge. Developers should ensure that their app runs smoothly before publishing it. This is where beta programs come into play. Through beta versions, developers can test new features and receive feedback from real users. But, joining these betas is not always easy for users. So, applications like Beta-Maniac come to simplify the management of beta programs and applications on Android.

If you are one of those who enjoy trying the latest features, this app is perfect for you. To join the beta tester community, you have to follow some steps that we will explain in this article. So you can contribute to the development of your favorite apps with Beta-Maniac.

What is Beta-Maniac?

Features of Beta-Maniac.

Beta-Maniac is an application designed to manage and manage subscriptions to beta programs in the Android Play Store. It is intended for those users who wish to participate in testing preliminary versions of applications, which are not available to the general public. These beta versions may contain functional issues because they are in the process of development and testing, but they also offer the opportunity to test features before they are available to everyone.

Joining these prereleases is often a tedious process. Beta-Maniac simplifies beta management on Android.

Beta-Maniac periodically scans the beta programs available for your installed apps. It then sends you a notification when limited spots open up, allowing you to sign up for that beta with one click. So you don't miss out test new features before their official release.

Additionally, you can directly manage all your beta subscriptions from the app. Filter by state to quickly find open programs or those in which you already participate. All with an attractive, updated interface and in dark mode.

Beta-Maniac also includes a feature that redirects users to the official developer forum at XDA Developers. A space to discuss and obtain additional information about the application.

How does Beta-Maniac work?

More features of the app.

Within the Play Store, each app has a feature that allows users to sign up for beta programs. By searching for an app in the Play Store, you can see if it is available to participate in its beta program.

Users can join beta programs directly from Beta-Maniac, simplifying the subscription process. To do so, you must follow these steps:

We download the latest version of the application on our tablet or mobile

Head to the Play Store and search for the Beta-Maniac app. Once downloaded, enter it and register using your email.

It will show the applications installed on your device

Beta-Maniac shows a complete list of all applications installed with a small colored dot or circle which indicates the status of the application in relation to the beta program.

The applications have a notification that announces if they have betas

Enter Beta-Maniac.

Users can filter apps based on their status, such as those available for beta, those subscribed to active beta programs, and those with closed beta programs.

gray circle

Closed beta program (gray color): Indicates that the app has a beta program, but is closed due to maximum capacity or other restrictions.

Blue Circle

Open beta program (blue color)– Marks that the app has an open beta program, and users can join or become testers.

Green circle

Beta program in progress (green color): indicates that the user is already in the beta program.


No beta program (no color)- Shows that the app does not have an active beta program.

If you want to be part of the Beta-Maniac community and test the latest features of your favorite applications before their launch, do not hesitate to download it from this link.

beta maniac
beta maniac
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