How to activate the gloves mode in Android 9 Pie and be able to use your phone without getting cold

There are still a few weeks until the end of the winter And you may no longer be able to recognize your hands without warm gloves to cope with the low temperatures. With this problem you will feel identified: they call you on your mobile or send you an urgent email and you take your terminal, but with those woolen fingers it is impossible to operate anything. What are you doing? Wait to get home to see your Android? It's easier: some terminals have included a gloves mode.

Gloves mode is a capacity of certain mobile Android to increase screen touch sensitivity, So it would not matter if your fingers are well covered in several layers of wool: you can slide between the apps and tools of your device without much difficulty.

Of course there are gloves prepared for use with touch screens, But if you do not have the possibility of getting some, activating this mode on Android will get you out of more than one trouble and more at this time when the temperatures are still freezing.

How to know if your Android has gloves mode

First of all it is to emphasize that not all terminals include this feature, since it is a utility that until recently was typical of high-end terminals. However, in recent months this mode has been standardized to many other devices.

If what you need is to know if the gloves mode (in English, glove mode) is available in your terminal, what you have to do is enter the tab Settings of your device, and in the bar search write the option. If it exists, the search engine will give you a direct access to the Settings menu in which this possibility is integrated.

If it is the case that your terminal does not have this mode, most likely, in the case of the layer Xiaomi MIUI, is that it throws you an access to the Screen Settings but you do not see where this mode is enabled, as is the case in this image. Don't worry: your terminal software recognizes that this tool exists, but if it does not show it, it is simply because it is not compatible.

How to activate glove mode on your Huawei

Although the Huawei wear a specific layer with Android 9 Pie, the truth is that the way to access this tool is simple and very similar to that of other terminals. In the tab Settings, click on Smart assistance and finally activate the gloves mode. This will make your terminal screen much more sensitive to contact with objects, which is also something to keep in mind.

Gloves mode on Android

How to activate the gloves mode on your Xiaomi

It may be that your Xiaomi terminal does have the possibility of enabling glove mode. It is a utility that came to MIUI in an early version of 2016, although as we said, not all terminals are compatible with this option.

To activate this option, just go to the Settings tab, and in the System and device section look for the Additional Settings option. Click, and you should find the possibility to activate the gloves mode between the Floating ball options and Quick access to buttons and gestures.

How to activate gloves mode on your Samsung

As a user of a Samsung Galaxy S8, you may not find the option, because it does not exist. However, you can improve the sensitivity of the screen within the Settings menu. In any case, the option of wearing gloves with the Galaxy S8 is not negligible considering that the screen sensitivity settings are already predetermined for this to be possible.

In case you have installed a tempered glass to protect the screen, it is also very likely that you will need to reconfigure the sensitivity settings of the screen. In Settings and Screen you will find the possibility to further increase the touch sensitivity of the terminal.

The same happens in newer terminals, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy Note 9.

If you don't have gloves mode: buy yourself some gloves compatible with phones and touch screens

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