How to know which APK to choose when downloading apps from unknown sources

If you need to download an application that is not in the Play Store or you just want to get a beta version of your favorite app, you can search third-party sites to download the APKs. They are the compressed files that contain all the information about the programs that are installed on your Android. But how do you know what the APKs compatible with your Android?

Each APK has compatibility with certain architectures of your microprocessor. If there is something positive about using an official store (either Play Store or any other installable on your terminal) is that they directly read the specifications of your device to know which version of the APK to provide you with. But if you are going to go online to a specialized website to get an application, you may find yourself with a vast catalog of versions and you are not sure which one you need for your phone or tablet.

You may come across YouTube updates, for example, with variants for different microprocessor architectures: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64, arm64_v8a ...

If this were not enough, to further complicate compatibility, each APK is also made specifically for the performance of the screen, to know how many dots per inch (DPI). Thus, for each microprocessor architecture you could find several versions of the same app designed for computer screens. 240, 320 or 480 dpi.

How to know which APKs are compatible with your phone by looking at its features

The best thing in these cases is to use the official tools of the Android stock by going to Settings> About the phone. However, in many cases reading this information, which stops a lot in the Android operating system and the version that is running, cannot solve your doubts in an instant.

For this reason, we recommend using an app called Android Hardware Info that can be obtained for free in the Play Store.

Information to choose compatible apk

By installing this app on your terminal and opening it, you will find all the specifications you need to know when choosing compatible APKs.

Just open this application and you will find all the information that the application has recorded from your device. Go precisely to the device tab and you will find all the information you will need to choose compatible APKS depending on your microprocessor.

Android Hardware Info
Android Hardware Info
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