The 8 best pages to watch anime online

The best pages to watch anime online

We have no doubt that anime is one of the most popular genres today. People of all ages enjoy this interesting content. Among the reasons for its success we can find the exciting and varied plots, the eccentric and charismatic people, as well as their costumes, in addition to a huge number of genres. This is why today we show you the best pages to watch anime online.

Although there are many sites that broadcast this type of content, it is always pleasant to find the most complete place, where enjoying your favorite series or movie becomes a positive experience. There are several aspects among which You will have to make your balance, such as the quality of the content, the variety, and also the speed. Thus choosing the ideal platform can be a challenge.

These are some of the best pages to watch anime online:

CrunchyrollThe best pages to watch anime online

This is a free anime site that offers some of the best anime. Has a simple interface and houses a large collection of Asian dramas, anime and even manga. This is one of the most popular platforms in this category, offering a wide and free catalog to its users.

It is one of the most popular platforms for fans of cult productions, as well as the latest Japanese television and alternative websites. Provides animes like Naruto, Attack on Titan, or Yuri on Ice. There is also a premium version of Crunchyroll available that removes ads and adds some extra features.

You can visit Crunchyroll here.

Funimation Funimation

It is a major anime website known for publishing externally dubbed content such as anime, TV shows, and more. One of the advantages that Funimation gives you It is intended for users who do not want to watch anime with English subtitles, In this case the page provides the audio in English itself.

In addition, an application for PS was launched where you can watch thousands of anime episodes. One of the drawbacks of the free version of Funimation is that you have to endure ads while watching your favorite anime. Among the advantages of this site we find the availability of content with subtitles and also the dubbed version. Ongoing anime series are also available.

This page is available here.

retro crush retro crush

It is a free streaming site that focuses on the Golden Age of anime. Therefore, all the content is about series from several years ago, such as Appleseed, Samurai Troopers or Astro Boy. There are also newer ones like Hajime No Hippo.

It contains quite interesting content such as the Osamu Tezuka collection with works such as Phoenix or Black Jack and others. This page has the benefit of being accessible through its own website, but it can also be found in other formats, as an application for Android, iOS, as well as for Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

This page is available here.

asian crush asian crush

We continue our list with another of the most popular and acclaimed streaming sites. In this you can enjoy all the anime content, completely free and also in a legal and safe way. There are several series that we can enjoy with a free account.. Although we must emphasize that to watch the latest episodes, we will have to resort to a premium subscription.

In addition to offering anime, Asian Crush is also a great place to find Korean dramas and Asian romance movies. The website is owned by Digital Media Rights, so we will probably find content that is already available on Midnight Pulp.

This page can be visited here.

Anime Lab Anime Lab

It is a free anime website known for its quick availability of the latest episodes broadcast in Japan. This means that they will be available on the website after one hour of broadcast. This makes it very easy to search for the anime you want using the categories it contains.

We can find on this platform popular series, recently added genres, and a lot of anime content in general. Animelab has a premium version, which you can choose if you want to avoid ads and you prefer English audio as subtitles. Among its positive characteristics you will find series with subtitles or dubbed versions. Fast updates are another of its advantages, and its compatibility with multiple devices such as Android and iPhone.

AnimenLab can be visited here.

kissanime KissAnime

It is one of the largest anime sites in the world with anime series of all categories, such as drama, science fiction, horror, action, comedy, sports and many more. On Kissanime you can watch any anime online for free or download it and watch it later if you don't have an active internet connection.

In addition, this platform offers free anime in all qualities, from 240p to 1080p. There is also English audio and subtitles for better understanding. Creating an account on Kissanime is not required to watch the anime you like, but an account will help you manage your favorite episodes and videos.

You can access this website here.

Jounplay Jounplay

This is a great option for those looking for an anime-only platform. Benefits include the ability to watch programs simultaneously in the series' country of origin, unpublished series dubbed into Spanish and many others that have already ended.

The price is very competitive, almost 4 euros per month, although you can purchase an annual subscription for about 40 euros, which includes, among other things, sending the series or movie in Blu-Ray format. This platform is very worth it since it allows you to watch your favorite animes, while enjoying many other benefits.

Jounplay is available here.

Atresplayer Atresplayer

This streaming service created by the Atresmedia group has a large amount of content from the audiovisual company, including a section of the Kidz channel that includes various anime series in addition to other animated content. Atresplayer has apps on almost all platforms, making access to content even easier.

To view this content you must register. However, with a free account you can watch almost anything that has ads. Not all series are complete, but you can entertain yourself by watching some modern titles. It is a very versatile site from which you can obtain multiple benefits.

You will be able to access the Atresplayer page here.

Being able to enjoy a wide variety of anime of all genres is a possibility thanks to multiple platforms that offer this service. For this reason we hope that in this article you have found The best pages to watch anime online. This is a genre that has one of the widest audiences, therefore these pages are responsible for offering the best service. If you think we should add anything else, let us know in the comments.