What is the PUK code and how to know yours

What is PUK code

Mobile technology makes our lives much easier, but we carry so many things on our phones that we can experience a real drama if it is stolen, we lose it, or we have simply turned it off and now we do not remember the unlock PIN. If you have problems with your device, retrieve the PUK It can be very useful to you.

But what really is this code and when can we use it? We are going to resolve all the doubts you may have about it.

What is the PUK code?

What is the PUK code?

PIN and PUK codes are essential to guarantee the security of our SIM card and, therefore, of the mobile phone itself.

When you turn on the device, what you are asked for is the PIN. A code that is responsible for protecting the SIM against unauthorized access and allows the user connect to your mobile operator's network. That is to say, if we do not have the PIN and the phone is turned off, this has the same usefulness as a brick.

If you have looked carefully at the documentation for your SIM card, You will have seen that the PUK appears next to the PIN. The Personal Unblocking Key It is an eight-digit code that is used to unlock the SIM card if you have entered the PIN incorrectly three times.

The PUK appears in the original SIM card package, and is the solution for when our memory fails and we do not remember the PIN. But we must be careful, because if we make a mistake 10 times when entering it (it is very rare for this to happen if we are the legitimate owners of that SIM), The card is permanently blocked and the only way to fix it is to request a new one from the mobile operator.

How to recover the PUK?

How to recover the PUK?

If we forget the PIN, which is four digits, and we use it more frequently, imagine the PUK. In fact, it is rare to find someone who has memorized this code. Therefore, if you need to resort to it, The easiest thing is to look for the card that your SIM came on. It contains both the PIN and the PUK.

It may happen that you don't even know where that card is, or that you don't have it on hand. If so, don't worry, because the problem has a solution. You must contact us through your mobile operator. Since your phone is not operational at this time, access their website through another device.

Enter your customer area by identifying yourself with your credentials. Then, look for a section that says “unlock SIM” or something similar. If you want to go even faster, call the mobile operator directly. They will ask you for a series of information to prove your identity. In both cases you can recover the PUK and with it you can activate your SIM again.

Change the PIN code of a mobile phone

If you have needed the PUK, it is because you have forgotten the PIN. To prevent this from being a problem in the future, change this code to a series of numbers that you can remember.

The steps to create a new PIN may vary slightly depending on the phone you are using, but if your operating system is Android, what you need to do is the following:

  • Sign in "Settings" and go to "Safety".
  • Access the section of “SIM card lock”.
  • Click on “Change SIM card PIN”.
  • Enter your new PIN.
  • Repeat the new code.
  • Confirm the operation and you are ready.

Another option is:

  • Open the application "Telephone".
  • Enter: *004 * (old PIN) * (new PIN) * (new PIN) # (all without leaving spaces). For example: * 004 * 8976 * 1254 * 1254 #

If your phone is an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Go to "Configuration" > "Mobile data" > “SIM PIN”.
  • Choose “Change PIN”.
  • Enter your current PIN and then the new one.

Other ways to improve security on your mobile

Other ways to improve security on your mobile

We have already seen that the PUK can be recovered, so there is no reason to panic if you have forgotten your PIN and your card has been blocked. With a simple consultation with your telephone operator via the internet or by phone, you can get the code. After, All you have to do is change the PIN to one you remember.

To further improve security when using your phone, here are some very easy tips to put into practice.

Passwords and secure locks

If you change your PIN, do not use one that is easy to guess, like the typical "1234" or your year of birth. And if you use a pattern lock, make sure it is not easy to discover either.

Additionally, set up biometric authentication to ensure a higher level of security.

Update the operating system and apps

The latest versions of operating systems and apps always incorporate greater security protection and correct vulnerabilities detected in previous versions. Therefore, An updated phone is a more secure device.

To avoid having to worry about whether or not you have to update, you can enable automatic updates.

Install apps only from trusted sources

Apps are often the entry point for malware on our devices. Although it is not a risk that we can protect ourselves from 100%, we can greatly reduce the possibility of it materializing if we only install applications from trusted sources.

The idea is that Download content only from official stores such as Google Play Store or Apple Store. Also, before installing the application, review the permissions it requests and make sure that they are related to the functionality of that app.

Connecting to public WiFi networks

Ideally, you should never connect your device to a public WiFi network, but if you have to, use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your data and maintain your privacy. In any case, make sure that public WiFi is reliable, and try not to access services such as electronic banking when you are connected in this way.

Location and remote erase

To find your device if it is stolen or lost, activate the function “Find my iPhone” on iOS or "Find my device" on Android. On the other hand, configure the remote erase option, so you can erase all the data on your device if it disappears.

Use an antivirus

Yes, you should also use antivirus software on your mobile. Don't forget to keep it updated to the latest version and periodically scan the device for possible threats.

Recovering the PUK is simple and fast, so you don't have to worry too much if you need it and can't find it at that moment. What is important is to always keep your phone in optimal safety conditions.