How to be famous on TikTok? Here is everything you need to know

There is no doubt about the leadership that TikTok holds in the social network market, being the fashionable application at the moment and for some years. The scope of this platform is such that we will always find their videos on other pages such as Facebook or Twitter. Yes ok There is no formula on how to be famous on TikTok, there are a number of factors that we must take into account and that will surely lead us to success.

Therefore, We are going to define a series of elements that you must include in your publication strategy, so that they reach and please as many people as possible.

How to be famous on TikTok? Consider these recommendations

Quality content

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In any social network, no matter what it is, the most important thing will always be the content you upload. In our days there are many people creating all kinds of material and in that sense, it is vital to differentiate yourself from the rest. For it, we must establish, first, the topic or niche that we will address and then, how we will approach it.

It is important to consider that you are probably not the only creator dealing with a certain topic and therefore it is crucial to make a difference through a good script, image and research, if necessary. Generating quality content is a matter where both the technical aspects converge, as well as your development in front of the camera and in the narration.

However, what refers to the camera and sound should not be a limitation to generate your material. You can work with what you have at hand, always trying to provide interesting, real data or good entertainment for the public.

The edition

TikTok Publisher

One of the friendliest elements of TikTok is the editing videos, making it easy to record each take, trim it and join it to the rest for smooth playback, with very professional tints. Many creators simply record and upload the video at once, something that we could improve by paying close attention to this section.

Editing from TikTok offers basic functions with which we can generate very decent material. Nevertheless, alternatives like CapCut represent an option that will boost the results you get 100%, with animations and even support for automatic subtitles.

Deep editing may not be necessary at first, but as your community grows, it will become more demanding. Therefore, we highly recommend taking a look at the different editing options to improve the videos.

Correct use of hashtags

Entering TikTok

Just like on Instagram and Twitter, on TikTok we also have hashtags that help us categorize our material. The idea is that those who search for content related to what we do, have the possibility of reaching it quickly, through the use of keywords. In this way, when you are adding the caption of the video, try to add some hashtags that allow you to find the video in the search section.

Hashtags should always be related to the type of content you generate, so pay attention to the keywords you use to reference it in the algorithm.

Avoid prohibited or suspicious content

TikTok Prohibited Content

Like all social networks, TikTok has a series of regulations that, if not complied with, could lead us, in the best of cases, to a Shadow Ban. This is nothing more than a limitation of the platform that seeks to prevent your videos from being distributed normally within the algorithm. That is, your publications will not be visible to users in the “For you” section.

This occurs mainly by engaging in suspicious activities. That is, videos that are not allowed by TikTok for various reasons such as uploading videos of very poor quality or with copyright problems. It should be noted that the platform is not obliged to notify you that the Shadow Ban has been applied to you, so it is vital to avoid it, complying with the rules.

Forget the myths of viral songs and algorithm hacks

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The internet abounds with “tricks” that promise to immediately increase the reach of your videos. This is based on the belief that certain audios that are in viral videos can help us increase the visibility of our material. However, chen an audio goes viral and everyone uses it, your video could get lost in an ocean of posts, all of which are the same.

There are no magic formulas on how to be famous on TikTok, so We suggest you discard this type of recommendation and focus much more on the preparation of your material.. The same happens with the use of effects, filters and other elements where we are promised to enhance our account just by using them.

Interact with your community

TikTok Community

The way to be famous or recognized in any social network has its main support in the community that you are generating. It will always be necessary for you to interact with them, respond to comments and even create new videos based on their opinions or messages.. This will allow you to be much closer to your fan base and, of course, attract new users from this relationship with your audience.

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