The best apps to listen to YouTube music on your mobile but that look like Spotify

Music listening applications similar to YouTube and Spotify.

If you are looking for applications that can serve as alternatives to Spotify and YouTube, you came to the right place. We bring you apps and platforms that allow you to access a large musical catalog from your mobile or computer. Let's get to know them more in depth.


The first of the applications similar to Spotify to listen to music from YouTube is ViMusic. It is an open source app designed for Android devices. It allows you to listen to YouTube music as if it were a traditional streaming service. It offers options like creating playlists and browsing albums and genres.


  • Android Auto compatible.
  • Allows download music to listen offline.
  • Free and open source.


  • only available for Android.
  • The interface may not be as intuitive for new users.



Nuclear is a cross-platform program for computers that allows you to listen to music from various sources in a single interface. It is available for Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS and what it does is extract music from platforms like YouTube, Invidious, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


  • Multiplatform and free.
  • Integration with multiple sources and
  • Advanced features such as song lyrics and radio mode.


  • Not available for mobile devices.
  • The interface can be overwhelming for new users.


Musify is also another of the applications similar to YouTube and Spotify.

Musify is a mobile app that pulls music from YouTube. It is open source and free, and allows you to create playlists, enjoy high-quality audio and sync song lyrics.


  • No ads and free.
  • High audio quality and lyric timing.
  • Easy to use and customize.


  • Available only for Android.
  • Requires manual APK installation.



InnerTune is an Android application that allows listen to YouTube music for free. Its interface is based on Material Design. In addition, it allows you to log in with your Google account for a more personalized experience.


  • Friendly and modern interface.
  • Chronic Disease playlists and synced lyrics.
  • Free and without ads.


  • Only available for Android.
  • May require manual adjustments for lyric timing.

YouTube Webapp

YouTube web.

La YouTube Webapp is an official YouTube web app that allows you to listen to music in the background and with the screen off, two features that are not available in the free YouTube app. To use it, what you must do is open YouTube in your browser and select the option to install as an application.


  • Easy to use and accessible from any browser.
  • Allows background playback and with the screen off.
  • No additional downloads required.


  • limited features compared to specific applications.
  • It depends on the stability of the browser.