Next iMessage update will make messaging between Android and iPhone devices possible

iMessage will send SMS and MMS messages to Android

iMessage is an instant messaging application, similar to WhatsApp, which dominates the US market. It is owned by Apple and recently is about to release a new update that involves the Android operating system. Let's find out more details about this news and what it is about.

Messages between iPhone and Android via iMessage

iPhone and Android will send messages to each other through iMessage

The iOS and Android operating systems each have a large number of users in the world. Their rivalry is known, but even this pair must learn to work together if they want to stay in the market.

Next Monday during WWDC 2024, the iOS 18 operating system will be released and comes with a series of updates. The one that interests us the most, How Android users are related to iMessage, Apple's instant messaging service.

iPhone and Android will send messages to each other through iMessage
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These are iOS RCS messages, which allows you to send SMS or MMS and as Apple had confirmed, will allow sending messages between iPhone and Android. The standard is owned by Google where the messaging system is more advanced than the classic SMS.

With this update, iMessage users will be able to send SMS and MMS through their app and they will arrive in the message tray of an Android. This includes photos, videos, texts and more. In addition, it allows you to send messages over the Internet without coverage. Also, you can create group chats and manage all communication between both platforms, something quite similar to WhatsApp.

This update, It does not mean opening the iMessage app to everyone, it is simply adding a new communication format. In addition, Android users will continue using the SMS app as they usually do, only now they will receive communication from this platform as normal.

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These integrations between operating systems that seem to be incompatible, and then surprise us with these types of updates. What do you think of this novelty between Android and iPhone?