5 Applications to sell second-hand furniture

Sell ​​furniture from mobile applications.

The buying and selling of used products is a practice that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as it encourages responsible and environmentally friendly consumption. Second-hand items are of all kinds, furniture, clothes, books, antiques, etc. Due to the increasing popularity of this practice, there have also emerged tools with which it is possible to carry out purchase/sale transactions in a safe way. Among these tools are applications for mobile devices through which you can buy and sell everything, even second-hand furniture. Here we present the 5 apps to buy and sell used furniture from your mobile.

Facebook Marketplace to sell second-hand furniture

Facebook Marketplace.

Both the Facebook application and website have a very convenient option for buying and selling second-hand products. We are talking about Marketplace, a free tool that the Meta social network makes available to us. Millions of users use Facebook Marketplace to sell and buy second-hand items, including furniture.

The platform allows sellers to create detailed listings with ease. You just have to take a photo of the furniture, add a description using keywords, such as the type of furniture and the material, and, finally, establish a price. By including high-quality photos that show the furniture in an attractive setting you can increase the chances of a sale.

While, for buyers, Facebook Marketplace offers the possibility of search for items based on location and thus connect with nearby sellers. Searches can be filtered by category and keywords to find exactly what you need. Buyers can chat directly with sellers to ask questions, negotiate prices, and coordinate pickups or deliveries. In addition, the platform allows you to schedule appointments to see the furniture in person before making the purchase.

Developer: Meta Platforms Inc.
Price: Free


Sell ​​second-hand furniture on Wallapop.

Wallapop It is a leading app in the buying and selling of second-hand products and used furniture is also included in this list. Users can upload photos of your items and put them on sale in a matter of seconds. Wallapop also offers a secure platform where payments are encrypted and protected. The money is not transferred to the seller until the buyer confirms receipt and good condition of the product.

The app displays products based on the user's location and facilitates direct conversations to coordinate meetings in safe public places. While Wallapop Shipping allows transactions between different cities through flexible shipping methods and home delivery options or collection at Post Offices.
Within the app you can also create personalized alerts for specific products so you don't miss any opportunities.

Wallapop - Sell and buy
Wallapop - Sell and buy
Developer: Wallapop
Price: Free

Sell ​​second-hand furniture in Milanuncios

Milanuncios: applications to sell second-hand furniture.

You can also resort to Milanuncios to sell your second-hand furniture since it is one of the best applications for this purpose. Its platform is easy to use in which you can upload ads with photos and descriptions detailed in a matter of seconds, at no cost.

The function of real time communication facilitates negotiation and closing of deals. Meanwhile, the option to highlight ads increases the chances of successful sales.

Milanuncios also stands out for its ad moderation and verification to avoid fraud. Even in the application you can search and publish ads in your location.



Another ideal application to sell second-hand furniture is allcollection. The app has more than 35 million unique items including antiques, art, books, coins, etc. Within the platform you can manage your collections from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, the real-time chat feature makes it easy to communicate directly with buyers and sellers. The app also integrates a Secure payment system and shipping options with tracking.

Regarding your tool Price Guide, this allows users to know the value of their items based on previous sales. It can be useful if you want to set fair prices for your collectibles.

The app also offers daily auctions with more than 20,000 lots, as well as extraordinary themed auctions that include exceptional pieces.


WestWing: applications to sell furniture.

westwing is the first shopping club of its kind that you can join register for free. This platform offers discounts of up to 70% on products from prominent brands such as Bloomingville, Jonathan Adler and Missoni Home.

The app also gives you access to new daily sales and secure payment options. In addition, the platform stands out because it offers options for every style, minimalist, glamorous or classic. If you are a buyer, you will find everything you need to create the home of your dreams.