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It is difficult to imagine something for which artificial intelligence does not provide us with support. There are a large number of tasks that we can achieve with them, including cloning voices. This can be fun as well as useful; in fact, there are many purposes for which we can apply it. For this Today we show you the best apps to clone your voice with IA.

With these tools you can imitate not only your voice and that of your friends, but also that of various celebrities. Convert text messages to speech, generate phrases, send voice notes and even make phone calls. All this and more is possible through artificial intelligence's ability to clone voices. You can also do it in several languages ​​and even accents, while having fun in the process.

These are the best apps and websites to clone your voice with AI:

Voice & Face Cloning: Clony AI Applications to clone voice with AI

Users can clone their or another person's voice by first providing a sample. There is no limit to the number of characters whose voices you can imitate. The application has a simple and accessible interface.

It offers the following functions:

  • Clone voices along with speech style, tone or other innovations.
  • Even you can clone your face or that of your friends with this application.
  • It also admits more than 20 languages.
  • Create text messages to voices that sound identical to the cloned voice.
  • This tool produces AI sounds which are very similar to the original, including the same prints.

This application It is available for free in the official Google application store, the Play Store. This platform is where it has achieved great popularity among users, who have downloaded it more than 500 thousand times. Furthermore, among the more than eight thousand reviews, we found a majority positive.

Voice Al – AI Voice Generator AI voice clone applications

Select the voice of a celebrity, Enter the text you want and click to activate the sound. Whether it's for personalized birthday wishes, fun audio clips for friends, or to add a little touch to your phone calls.

What can you do with this app? 

  • Create videos and voices from celebrities, you can easily achieve attractive voiceovers and videos.
  • Make your own personalized birthday messages integrating voice messages.
  • Use your custom audio in voice memos, phone calls and voice messages.
  • Experience cutting-edge AI that produces highly realistic sounds.

With a figure that exceeds one hundred thousand downloads, this versatile tool It has a positive reception from Internet users. They have given it a score of 4.1 stars, obtained through more than 17 thousand reviews.

Cloned Voices cloned voices

With artificial intelligence technology, you can choose from many famous people and create funny messages using their cloned voices. Simply type the text you want to hear and that's it. The best thing is that you can save and share the resulting audio with everyone.

What are their characteristics? 

  • This app It has an extremely pleasant and intuitive interface, so working with it will be very easy.
  • Get clone voices completely, achieving totally realistic effects.
  • You will have access to a huge selection of voices that you can clone without any problem.
  • Once you make your recording, you can share it with your friends and family on different social networks and messaging applications.

This application has been downloaded more than a million times in the Play Store, this figure is not inconsiderable. demonstrates how beneficial its features and functions are. Which have also earned it a score of 4.1 stars on said platform.

Cloned Voices
Cloned Voices
Price: Free

AI Voice Changer – SpeechLab AI Applications

Discover the advanced capabilities of an application dedicated to enhancing the vocal experience, through Eleven Labs technology. Ideal for users who want to use the celebrity voice changer to get a unique impression. From text to speech, to telling interesting stories or creating personalized audio content. This application also supports 29 languages.

Unique App Features:

  • This celebrity voice cloner provides realistic interactions, using voices very close to the different celebrities. This is powered by NeetsAi and Eleven Labs.
  • Choose from more than 160 high-quality sounds suitable for various needs.
  • Easily share your recordings personal voice calls, ideal for users seeking multilingual communication, or participating in prank calling activities.
  • Convert written text into spoken words, using text to speech tool, suitable for a variety of voice applications.

This app stands out for its complete features and intuitive interface. In the Play Store where it is available for free for all Android users, has to date more than one hundred thousand downloads. The reviews issued by users have been quite good, obtaining a 4.1 star rating.

Play HT Play HT

The cloning software allows you to clone high-quality voices with 99% accuracy. It is ideal for content creation companies who want to add a personal touch to audio and podcasters.

As well you can use it to create content and publish it on different streaming platforms. Simplify creating voice clones, with a text-to-speech editor that lets you type words and create voice content.


  • Contains ultra-realistic human voices, as it is based on next-generation artificial intelligence technology. This can imitate emotions in speech to make it sound more human.
  • With more than 130 languages ​​and accents, this app can create natural-sounding voices. Additionally, the library contains 800 AI voices that can speak all the languages ​​and accents mentioned.
  • Allows you to change your projects as you like. Whether it's the tone, style or rhythm of speaking, you can make your own changes.
  • Helps correct diction. You can also use this deep learning technology for trademarks, terminology, and acronyms.

This tool can be found here.


Offers diverse voices with up to 120+ text-to-speech voices. You can generate these AI voices in 20 different languages ​​and accents, as well as male and female voices of different ages. You can sync any image, video and music with sound, emphasis and punctuation.

Principal functions: 

  • Whether it is a human voice, an animal, nature or other objects, it allows you to clone them effortlessly. It clones them with high quality audio and perfection, giving you the same voice you want to add to your projects without the actual sound of a person or object.
  • You can create accurate cloned voices by adjusting them. This allows you to adjust the pitch, speed, and pitch to bring more life to the AI ​​voice.
  • Allows you to edit while working on your project. You can add changes to the script, and let the AI ​​generate the voices without requiring the actual voice forehead.
  • As well helps with voice quality monitoring, problem solving, onboarding and more.

This tool can be used here

Cloning voices using artificial intelligence is possible, in fact it would be difficult not to achieve it due to all the advances that this technology has experienced in recent times. This way you can achieve very attractive results quickly and easily. We hope that in this article You have found the best apps to clone your voice with AI. If you know of any other alternatives that we should add, let us know in the comments.