How to create free good morning photos for WhatsApp with AI

What free AI can you use to create good morning photos

Who has not ever used the good morning photos to say hello through WhatsApp? Whether in groups with many people or in private conversations, these types of images help start the day on the right foot and always make us smile, because we know that on the other side there is someone who thinks of us.

However, the habitual use of this type of photos means that the models end up seeming too repetitive. Surely you have already used many of the WhatsApp images and GIFs, and you have even searched on Google or social networks, so we want to give you another alternative: create your own designs with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What free AI can you use to create good morning photos?

What free AI can you use to create good morning photos?

There are more and more artificial intelligences specialized in creating images, but we recommend the following:

Copilot Designer

It is Microsoft's AI based on DALL-E. With it you can create images of different styles just by providing a short description. You choose if you want a digital image or if you prefer it to be a more realistic photo, and You can make it as simple or as complex as you like.

The only thing you need is to have a Microsoft account. Also, keep in mind that the images include a watermark (you can remove it with tools like WatermarkRemove).

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Soulgen AI

This is not a totally free tool, but it does let us try it without having to pay anything for it, so it can help you create some images.

Its distinctive feature is that it is focused on the creation of “anime” type images. If you have an otaku friend or family member, they will surely be surprised if you send them a good morning photo with this type of drawing.

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If you don't have much control over AI and you don't want to complicate your life, this option is the most suitable. This is a reduced and simplified free version of DALL-E (OpenAI's image generation AI, which is paid).

It may not be as fast as other systems, but it offers you up to nine results at once. Of course, you are going to have to work well on the prompts, because their ability to understand It is not as developed as in other artificial intelligences. Although he understands Spanish, he responds much better if he receives instructions in English.

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If you have a photo you like and want to change it to make a different image, this is the right AI. Because has been designed to improve images through the use of machine learning.

You can, for example, turn photos of real people into animated figures, change their hair color or create new backgrounds for the image.

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Tips to create good morning photos for WhatsApp using AI

Tips to create good morning photos for WhatsApp using AI

Once you have chosen the most suitable tool for you, it is time to start working. Since you want to create good morning messages, the ideal is to combine text and image.

If you are looking for an even more personalized result, You can use your own photos, or photos obtained from free image banks. You can ask the AI ​​to make adjustments to lighting or colors, or convert the real image into a drawing.

For a better result, don't forget to add creative elements. Once you have the good morning photo, you can use a filter or put a sticker on it, to make it even more unique.

The prompt to create good morning images

When we work with AI, the most important thing is to handle the prompts well, which are the instructions we give to the tool to do its job. If we know how to use prompts, we will obtain the image we are looking for more quickly and easily, and we will even be able to do other things, such as using the AI to create music.

If you want to make the perfect prompt to create good morning photos that you can use on WhatsApp, Here are some keys:

Be specific and detailed

Don't just give the tool a couple of words to do its job. Provide all the information you consider important. You can give instructions on style, color, image layout, characters that should appear, font, etc.

For example: “create an image that includes the text "good morning” in italics and with an elegant style. A cup of steaming coffee should appear on a wooden table, and a window through which you can see a sunrise of warm colors in pink and orange tones.”

Indicates the artistic style

An image with the same elements can change a lot depending on the artistic style we choose for it. Tell your AI tool what style you're looking for: realistic, minimalist, anime, illustrative, Pixar-type drawing, etc.

Define the color palette

Although you are not going to make the drawing, you have control over all the elements that appear in it. So don't hesitate to choose the color palette that you like the most.

You can choose the color for the main elements, but also for the background. EITHER give the AI ​​freedom to use tones that harmonize with each other, but that they follow a line of continuity. For example, they should be tones that convey warmth, or that help lift your spirits.

Include specific details

The key to making unique good morning photos is in the details. Returning to the example we saw before, we can ask the AI ​​that the steaming cup of coffee has foamy milk in which the shape of a heart can be seen, and that on the table There is a classic style vase with some white daisies.

Indicates composition and focus

You can also tell the tool how to distribute the elements in the image and what is the main focus of interest. For example, if you want the background to appear out of focus.

Here is an example of a complete prompt:

Here is an example of a complete prompt:

Create a cheerful image of "good morning", in which this message appears in Arial italics. A steaming cup of coffee should appear in the foreground, with some cookies next to it and a little kitten trying to catch them. Use bright colors like yellow, orange and blue. Blur the background.

With everything we have seen, do you dare to create good morning photos with AI to surprise your WhatsApp contacts?