How to fix Realms error 502 in Minecraft?

How to fix Realms error 502 in Minecraft?

Minecraft It is one of the best games today. This has a huge audience that follows it from mobile devices, computers and consoles. The success of this is indisputable, and despite the years since its launch, it remains the favorite of many. Different modalities have been developed, one of them Minecraft Realms. Although this brings many advantages, it is not excluded from failures, which is why today we tell you cHow to fix Realms 502 error in Minecraft. 

In Minecraft Realms you will find the possibility to get even more out of the game, Well, you will have extra benefits that you do not have in the traditional way. This mode is widely used, but there are also many users who have reported this failure on the server. Even so, you should not worry because before you have to resort to Minecraft technical support, there are several alternatives that you can try, which will surely solve your problem.

How to fix Realms error 502 in Minecraft? How to fix Realms error 502 in Minecraft?

Minecraft, a traditional game mode, is known to most players. This is a mode where you can play solo or multiplayer on public servers. On this server, any player can join, and participate in everything that is happening at the moment. You can participate in role-playing games, take part in multiplayer battles, create really fun mini-games, or even dedicate yourself to simple farm construction.

However, there is an important difference in Minecraft Realms and that is that these servers are not public, but private.. These servers are available 24/7. And only people you invite can join, unlike public servants. Without a doubt, this is the preferred option for many players looking for a more controlled and safe gaming experience. It is ideal to play with close friends or family..

However, the Microsoft game is having some problems running the PC version. Specifically, you may see the Realms 502 error message followed by an "OK" button to close the notification. This issue affects a large number of players and has been discussed on the Reddit forums. Therefore we can affirm that it is quite common.

What can we do to solve this?

Try updating Minecraft

The first recommendation we give you is to make sure that your game is updated to the latest version available. Something as simple as this can solve the situation.

To do this, follow the steps we provide below:

  1. The first thing you should do is sign in to Microsoft Store, and open your app library.
  2. Next Click on the “Get updates” option«, this will be located in the upper right corner.
  3. Finally install all updates available for Minecraft.

Restart your game and device restart minecraft

If the problem is with your computer, The first thing you should try is to close Minecraft and restart your device. Always try to wait a few minutes before turning it back on and connecting to the server, to avoid hidden errors. After a while, try accessing Realms again.

Try clearing the DNS cache

Sometimes an outdated DNS cache can be the cause of the problem. Furthermore, fixing this is not very complicated, so it is one of the most recommended alternatives.

To clear the DNS cache, follow these steps:

  1. Access the command prompt as administrator. To do this you need to type cmd in the start search bar.
  2. Once here you just have to select the alternative Execute as an administrator.
  3. When you finish this step you will have to write the command ipconfig /flushdns, finally press Enter.

In case these solutions have not worked for you, We recommend changing your computer's DNS to the default of Google or Cloudflare. To do this open your computer's network settings. Then change the DNS servers to and for Google, or also and 1.0 .0.1 in the case of Cloudflare.

configure your firewall

It is possible that the firewall of your system is blocking Minecraft. To allow games through your firewall, enter in the introductory search bar: Firewall and network protection, and after this he proceeds to open it.

  1. Following this, choose Allow application by firewall.
  2. When you do it look for Minecraft in the list, and make sure it is allowed on public and private networks.

What should you do if Minecraft Realms error 502 persists? Minecraft

If the Realms 502 error persists after trying these solutions, it is advisable to contact Minecraft support. You can fill out a form on their website to report problems for additional technical support.

What are the advantages of Minecraft Realme?

  • If you create a server in Minecraft Realms, you will have full control over the server, which will be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, new cosmetics, skins, and content arrive every month.
  • Minecraft Realms is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of Minecraft. Additionally, there are cross-platform games.
  • You can access Realms using the same Minecraft account, although you should know that mods are not currently supported, except for the content included in the worldwide subscription Plus, always online for you and your friends.
  • This option allows you to add as many participants as you want and play online with up to 10 friends.
  • Your friends they always play for free in your Kerberos domain.
  • Easily switch between 3 different worlds slots in Kerberos domains.
  • Get free access to a catalog of over 150 Marketplace packs available, to download from the Minecraft Marketplace.
  • Kerberos domain worlds include backups very reliable.
  • does not take up space of data storage on your device.
  • Switch from console to mobile and PC, Play on any device with Minecraft Marketplace.

While you're enjoying Minecraft Realms and everything this premium version has to offer, you may encounter some glitches. You are not the only one, and several users have already reported this and reported it on different platforms. We hope that in this article it has been clear to you how to fix Realms error 502 in Minecraft. If you think we should mention anything else, let us know in the comments.