Easy trick to achieve greater reach on Instagram in 2024

The trick to increase reach on Instagram

There are many different ways to use social media. If your goal is for your publications to have the greatest possible dissemination, then you will be interested in today's topic, because we are going to tell you how increase reach on Instagram throughout this year.

You already know that the algorithm is a little “special”, and you need to gain diffusion and interaction if you want it to do its job and start showing your content even to people who do not follow you. Something that will be very useful if you use this social network for professional purposes.

Interaction is the key

If you are working on your social profiles to improve your brand image, you are probably very concerned about the number of followers. Although this figure is important, you should not obsess over it, because Accounts that do not have many people following them can also get a good spread, and the key is in the interaction.

All actions carried out by other users with respect to your publications are considered interactions. If they give you "I like", share them or leave a comment. If Instagram detects that an account is getting a good volume of interactions, it automatically gives it greater reach.

What not everyone knows is that hThere are some tools not so well known to the general public., which can help achieve that interaction and gain dissemination.

The trick to increase reach on Instagram

The trick to increase reach on Instagram

You probably already use Stories to attract the attention of your followers. Ephemeral content that disappears after 24 hours.

What we are going to do is publish in the Stories a comment that we received on one of our publications and that we especially like. We do it so:

  • We are looking for a post that contains a comment that we are interested in highlighting.
  • When selecting the comment, we slide our finger to the left of the screen.
  • We are shown three options, and we click on the symbol "+" which appears in a flashing circle.
  • The comment now appears inside a sticker that we can place anywhere within the frame of the story.

These types of features often go unnoticed, but they can be very useful for our publications to gain interaction and go further. While we get used to this system, Instagram continues working on its next news, and Blend will soon be released.

Other ways to increase interaction and dissemination on Instagram

Other ways to increase interaction and dissemination on Instagram

Here are some keys that can help your content capture more attention and get more interactions:

Publish high-quality content

Upload images and videos that are of good quality and visually attractive. Don't just do the same thing as everyone else, think about how you could improve what you already know works.

Instead of limiting yourself to the filters that the app offers, use professional editing tools to improve photos and videos. Also, as much as possible, try to keep the content and aesthetics of your account consistent. This It can help you a lot if this channel is a marketing tool for your business or for you as a professional.

Use relevant and popular hashtags

Surely you already know this, but it never hurts to repeat it. The ideal is to use niche-specific hashtags and not abuse them. You can add up to 30 per publication, but this does not make much sense within a communication strategy. Try to add some text related to the image and then add three to five hashtags.

There are hashtags that can be very popular at a given time when a topic is hot, but using them is not always going to benefit you. In fact, it can end up damaging your image if you get into a topic that is controversial. That's why, It is best that you stick to general and other niche hashtags.

Publish at optimal times

The diffusion that your content will have depends a lot on the moment in which you launch the publication. If you do it at the peak time when your audience is online, you will receive much more interaction than if you post at another time.

What is the perfect time? instagram It has millions of users around the world at any time of the day and night. It is up to you to do an analysis of your audience to know which days and times they are most active.



Social networks are based on interaction. You can't expect others to react to your content if they don't receive anything from you.

Make sure you spend time interacting with content of interest created by other users. On the other hand, check your posts and interact with those who have left you comments. And don't forget direct messages!

If you want to increase interaction, Try using survey and question stickers in your stories to encourage participation.

Comment on a reel with a video

To gain more diffusion, comment on a reel with a video. Click on a comment left on the reel and click on “Reply below the comment”, click on the camera icon and record your video. The person who left the comment you responded to will receive a direct notification.

Monitor and adjust

If you want to increase the range in Instagram you have to use tools that help you know the performance of your publications. This way you will know which content is most successful among your followers.

This type of analysis will provide you with very useful information and It will allow you to gradually adjust your strategy.

be persistent

Success on social networks is not achieved overnight. Behind every success story there is a great amount of work and effort.

Whether your account is for professional use or a personal account, but you want to have more dissemination, you are going to have to take it easy. Create quality content and apply the tips we have seen to gain interactions. Step by step you will build a committed audience and gain an audience on this platform without having to resort to its advertising channels.