New hidden WhatsApp features.

New hidden WhatsApp features

WhatsApp has some new functions hidden among its tools that you have to try to improve your experience within the app.

How to watch TikTok in Anonymity

Trick to watch TikTok Anonymous

Learn how to watch anonymous TikTok without anyone knowing that you are the one visiting them, without leaving digital traces or under a fictitious alias

tiktok notes

TikTok Notes

The new TikTok app is called TikTok Notes and is sold as an alternative to Instagram. We will meet her very soon

how to use the new WhatsApp emojis

WhatsApp launches new emojis

WhatsApp is not for this 2024 since they have presented the new emojis that you will have in the app. Let's see what changes there are in WhatsApp emojis.


We analyze Bumble, the dating app

Bumble is an app that has a unique approach that empowers women to establish healthy loving relationships. I tell you everything about Bumble.