Very soon you will be able to search by image on YouTube from Google Lens

How to search for songs by image on YouTube using Google Lens

Google wants to integrate Google Lens to search by image on YouTube and find songs on the platform. This function can be used, natively, on YouTube through a button which will produce results thanks to artificial intelligence. Let's find out more details about this novelty and when it will be ready for the general public.

Search songs on YouTube using a photo from Google Lens

Google Lens integrates with YouTube to search for songs from a photo

YouTube has taken the way of helping users find songs on the platforms very seriously. It recently added a function to search for music in YouTube Music humming or whistling. Now, you want to implement content search from a photo and with the help of Google Lens.

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This is a direct access from the search engine to search by image on YouTube where it will be integrated into Google Lens. The user must Press this button and the mobile camera will be activated. Then, you simply capture a photo of what you want and the system will perform a search based on the elements it extracts from the image.

The function can be used – for example – to take a photo of an album cover and search for songs on YouTube. Also, if you are watching a music video, you can capture a part of the video clip and with Google Lens integrated into YouTube, find musical material from those captured.

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It is an excellent way to find music on YouTube, especially if any valuable information about the song is unknown. On the other hand, if you do a search directly on Google Lens, it will show a button to go directly to YouTube and show the different search results you want to perform.

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Sometimes the results are not as exact as what we want to find, so this option is of great help in these cases. At the moment, this novelty has been deployed slightly to a few users, so it is possible that it is on a trial basis, while the massive expansion is made to the rest. What do you think of this integration of YouTube and Google Lens to facilitate search options?