Best for Telegram Web Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in Telegram Web.

Telegram is the main alternative to WhatsApp that we have today. It has many tools that other messaging apps do not offer. With Telegram you have the ability to do many things, such as sending messages to yourself, even files. For its Web version, for example, Telegram gives you keyboard shortcuts to make the experience more pleasant.

Everything you can do on Telegram

Telegram on mobile and computer.

Telegram on mobile and computer.

But not only that, it also has other options within the platform:

  • Send uncompressed photos
  • Make words bold, italic, or single-spaced
  • Voice notes and video notes
  • Free voice and video calls
  • Change text size in chat
  • Dark mode, either permanent or at specific times
  • Create your own themes
  • Put a pin every time you go to enter the application
  • Self-destruct your account if you haven't used it for a certain amount of time
  • Secret Chat
  • Self-destruct messages you send
  • Search for specific messages
  • Create your own gifs or stickers
  • Customize notifications for each contact
  • Hide your last connection and choose who sees it and who doesn't
  • Search words in chats
  • Watch YouTube videos in floating windows
  • Create broadcast channels
  • microblogging
  • Create groups and super groups
  • Create communities
  • Automate Telegram

Keyboard shortcuts in Telegram Web

Keyboard computer.

As we said in the introduction to this post, Telegram has keyboard shortcuts for its web version that make the experience within the platform more productive. It may take you a while to remember all the combinations, but with practice you will become a master. Below, we present the keyboard shortcuts for Telegram Web:

  • Go to the next chat: Ctrl + Tab
  • Go to the next chat: Ctrl + Page Down
  • Go to the next chat: Alt + Down Arrow
  • Go to previous chat: Ctrl + Shift + Tab
  • Go to previous chat: Ctrl + Page Up
  • Go to previous chat: Alt + Up Arrow
  • Go to previous folder: Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow
  • Go to the following folder: Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow
  • Search selected chat: Ctrl + F
  • Exit the selected chat and search for Telegram: I
  • Exit viewing the current chat/channel: I
  • Delete the currently selected message: Delete
  • Leave Telegram: CTRL+Q
  • Lock Telegram (if local password is set): Ctrl + L
  • Minimize Telegram: Ctrl + M
  • Minimize Telegram to the system tray: Ctrl + W
  • Edit previous message: Up arrow
  • Start new line in input area: Ctrl + Enter or Shift + Enter
  • Move the cursor to the beginning of the multi-line message: Ctrl + Home
  • Put the text in italics: Ctrl + I
  • Make the text bold: Ctrl + B
  • Make text underlined: Ctrl + U
  • Make strikethrough text: Ctrl + Shift + X
  • Make monospaced text: Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Remove text formatting (make selection as plain text): Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Add URL to selected text (Create link): Ctrl + K
  • Send file: Ctrl + O
  • Open contacts: Ctrl + J