You are going to be amazed by these WhatsApp news that are going to come out in June

News coming to WhatsApp in 2024.

WhatsApp just released updates and news in both its Beta version and the standard version in June 2024. In this new post by Android Ayuda We detail the main changes you can expect.

WhatsApp news in June 2024

Direct access to Facebook and Instagram

The first of the WhatsApp news for June 2024 that we reveal to you is the deeper integration with other Meta applications. WhatsApp now allows users to directly access Facebook and Instagram from the same app. In the WhatsApp settings, they have been added two buttons that say "Open Facebook" and "Open Instagram".

These buttons do not directly link accounts or share passwords, what they do is facilitate quick access to these platforms without having to leave WhatsApp.

Simpler updates

WhatsApp has implemented a new feature that is directly linked to application updates. Now, you will be able to receive notifications of new versions and update the application from settings without having to go to the Google Play Store. WhatsApp wants you to always have the latest version installed on your phone.

Restrict chats

Privacy on WhatsApp.

In terms of privacy, WhatsApp has replaced the “chat block" by "restrict chat". The new option allows you to have hidden and restricted conversations. Additionally, you can choose to empty and stop restricting these chats at any time.

Advanced Privacy Features

Another of WhatsApp's new features for this June 2024 is also related to privacy. WhatsApp has added advanced options to protect user privacy. In the privacy settings, you can now find an "advanced" button that allows protect IP address during calls and disable shared link previews. These options will prevent third-party websites from deducing your location or tracking your online activity.

Expectations by Meta AI

It is expected that in the near future enable Meta AI on WhatsApp for more users in more countries. This artificial intelligence allows you to chat with it and offers you other options such as creating profile photos and personalized stickers. This last feature is now available on Instagram.

End of support for WhatsApp Plus

The latest news is the reinforced incompatibility with WhatsApp Plus. This means that if you have been using this modified version of the app, You will no longer be able to link your official WhatsApp account with WhatsApp Plus due to improvements in application security.