YouTube is preparing a design change, so you can try it

YouTube Design Changes

It seems that the design changes that YouTube started making a few months ago. These changes are now available for YouTube Premium users and you can check them right now in your computer's browser. Furthermore, you can have the possibility of Send your opinions about the new YouTube design and win gift cards as a thank you. Do you want to check these changes? Keep reading as I explain.

YouTube prepares design changes to improve its viewing pages

YouTube design change

YouTube is preparing a major redesign of the video viewing page in its browser version with the aim of improving the user experience and encouraging content viewing. This new design is in the testing phase and it's available exclusively for YouTube Premium subscribers until July 1.

These changes are visible from the moment you watch a video. At first we can notice that The position of recommended videos is now at the bottom and not in the right sidebar. This change is simple as it simply changes the position and feels natural to the eye.

On the contrary, everything that was under the video is moved to the right box. Here we will have both the video description and the comments, which have been moved to the right side but they have also acquired a different design. In addition to this, Thumbnails of recommended videos are now larger and more visible. In this way, it ends up encouraging users to continue seeing more content because of the attractive thumbnails.

It is worth mentioning that comments are always visible, making it easier to read them. Now participating in discussions or leaving a positive comment for your favorite content creator is easier and without the need to scroll down. And we have left one of the most anticipated changes behind because it will not be available to everyone, even if they have YouTube Premium. We are talking about, of course, artificial intelligence-based features.

You need a YouTube Premium account to use YouTube AI

New features with AI

To test the new design and structure of the video viewing page in the web version for computers you need a YouTube Premium subscription. This exclusive access allows paying subscribers to experience new features before the general public. In this way, users are the ones who provide comments that will help decide whether the changes will finally be implemented permanently or not.

But in addition, YouTube, like so many other companies, is giving room for artificial intelligence-based functions to reach their platforms. In the case of YouTube, the new features have yet to be perfected. For now, if we have YouTube Premium and we are chosen to try it, we can see improved subtitles, AI-based summaries and a more respectful comment board since it is moderated with AI automatically.

These are some of the improvements that you can try these days if you are lucky to be chosen, although if you are not you can try YouTube Music's new hum song recognition function, you will be surprised how well it works. Let's see what you need to do to test the new YouTube design changes.

How to test new design changes on YouTube

You will receive a gift card as a thank you

As I told you before, if you want to try the new YouTube design changes, you have until July 1 to do so. It's very easy, you just have to open YouTube in your browser from your computer since at the moment these changes cannot be seen in the app. Now go to any channel of your liking and open a video. On the display screen of that video you will notice the changes that we have mentioned above. That's how easy it is to access YouTube's new design changes.

You know that when news comes with changes like these I like to ask you: What did you think? But in this case, Google is also interested in receiving opinions on YouTube. Therefore, as a user you can register to send your comments.

And if you are selected a study suitable for your user profile, you will receive a follow-up questionnaire with details about the next steps. AND Upon completion of the study, you will receive a gift card as a thank you for your time.. Nothing bad.

I can't give you a gift card for your comment, but I would appreciate it if you told me What did you like about the new YouTube change? If you have tried it.