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Veganism More and more people decide to put aside the consumption of animal products and become vegetarian or vegan. To this day, this topic is always present in social networks, in the media and in many conversations of different social groups. However, it is such a complex and large subject to cover that it is necessary to understand it correctly so as not to get unequivocal. Therefore, we are going to give you a list of applications to make the process easier.

People who become vegan or vegetarian have as their main objective to carry out a philosophy of life with a change in habits that affect not only our diet. Seeks to create a morally responsible society with animals and the environment, and for this it rejects all the processes in which they are involved, both at the food level and other products. To do this, they oppose animal exploitation, abuse and abandonment, clothing and footwear made of leather or wool and support the recycling, reuse and use of products that are committed to the environment.

And if you are going to start on this path, an application like the following one will be good for you. Quit Meat is a very useful application for those people who are beginning the process of becoming vegetarian or vegan.

remove meat

This application, involved with the environment, will make a pursuit of the consumption of animal products that you take daily, in order to show you different indicators about your diet. On the other hand, it will calculate by what percentage you reduced the consumption of animal products compared to the average person and it will tell you how much water you have saved and greenhouse gases you have avoided. Additionally, it includes a book with news related to the animal world and a book of recipes and substitutes for meat, dairy or eggs.

«Vegetarian diet to lose weight | 30-day challenge ”, is another highly recommended application, both for those who want to embark on this adventure and for those who also do it to lose a few kilos ... and that perhaps after the test they will not let it go. This application is committed to using the vegetarian diet to lose weight and achieve a healthier life. To do this, he designs a custom plan to lose weight in 30 days, explaining the importance of all nutritional values, such as cholesterol, and the importance of having optimal levels to carry out a healthy lifestyle.

vegetarian diet 30 days
The application incorporates a daily monitoring of our weight, a personal diary to expose our feelings about how we are carrying out the process and a shopping list where we will always have the basic ingredients at hand to make our recipes. Finally, there is also an option that notifies us of the times of our meals.

Vegetarian diet and lose weight
Vegetarian diet and lose weight
Developer: alebg
Price: Free

Recipe apps without animal traces

It is the first step, to start eating at home avoiding everything that comes from animal origin, if you are vegan, or at least with a certain conscience not to eat meat and derivatives, which is consistent with vegetarian ideas. With the applications below you can become a true green "master chef".

Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

vegetarian recipes

This app includes hundreds of recipes quick and easy for vegetarians and vegans. In this cookbook you can find appetizers, first and second courses, salads and desserts for all tastes. It allows you to choose the number of diners and from there, it will automatically calculate the appropriate amounts for you. You can also check the nutritional values ​​and calories of each recipe, as well as special menus for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter or birthdays. Finally, it includes a converter very useful for measuring quantities and recipes for people intolerant to gluten, lactose or eggs.


easy vegetarian

In this application you will find everything you need to gradually switch to a vegetarian diet. Includes tons of quick, easy, and easily accessible vegetarian and vegan recipes. Its design and interface will be very comfortable to use, so you will adapt quickly. Includes almost 200 vegan and vegetarian recipes, to which new ones are added every week. In each recipe you can check the nutritional values ​​of each food. On the other hand, it includes a shopping list so that you can write down the ingredients of your recipes, as well as a guide that will be very useful to find answers to all the important questions about this diet.

Developer: HurryTheFoodUp
Price: Free

Where to eat or buy being vegan or vegetarian

Following a meatless diet at home is relatively straightforward. But what happens when we go outside? Well, it is not that easy. That is why we now give you different options both to find restaurants that have the same vegan or vegetarian consciousness as you or places where you can buy food with confidence.

Happy cow

With more than a million downloads on Google Play, this app is available in more than 180 countries. It is a locator for vegetarian restaurants to always have local non-animal products at hand. There are more than 130.000 restaurants registered with their address, photos and reviews of other users, some of them for people with celiac disease. You can also find local markets for vegetarians, plan a healthy diet or vegan 21-day plans to go one step further. Its interactive map is very easy to use, and you will always have your favorite places at hand. Obviously you must grant the location permissions for the application to work properly. It is available in more than 10 languages.

HappyCow - Find Vegan Food
HappyCow - Find Vegan Food
Developer: HappyCow
Price: Free

VHappy Vegan, Vegetarian & Eco Search Engine in Spain


En vHappy you can find more than 2.000 Veggie or Eco businesses registered near you. You can explore all the Veggie places in your city through its search filters and its interactive map, such as restaurants, cafes or sites that allow animals, among others. It will also notify you about events related to vegetarianism to obtain more information on the subject, such as beauty centers, dietitians or vegan tattoo artists, as well as accessories for your day to day. You can create your own list of favorite sites to keep updated and share with your friends. In addition, it includes an online chat through which you can communicate with the VHappy Community.

Connect with people who don't eat animals

Something that can help you to move forward with the purpose of not eating meat or animal derivatives is meeting people with your same ideas. Sharing tricks, experiences and anything with them, in a relaxed atmosphere, is the best therapy so as not to lose heart in the attempt to lead a life more aware of animal abuse.

Veg & Buddy

Veg & Buddy is the first social network to meet vegetarian and vegan people around the world. This application is intended for all types of people interested in this world. You will be able to meet new people with your same values ​​and thoughts, through parties, meetings or courses, among many more activities, to learn much more about vegetarianism. In addition, you can find, publish and share recipes with everyone.

Developer: inuca
Price: Free

Veggly - Vegan and Vegetarian Dating

And we finish the list with a very interesting option if you are starting in the vegetarian world. Veggly is an application with which you can relate with vegetarians or vegans to share the whole process. In it you will find people who eat and think like you, in addition to sharing thoughts related to the subject, such as raising awareness of animals, health and the planet. This will help you make the process of becoming a vegetarian easier and also, who knows, you may find the love of your life ...

Information on "vegan friendly" products and companies

Finally, we point out a couple of applications that can be useful when it comes to informing you about the care that companies and products have with the mistreatment of animals, beyond even food such as cosmetics. In these apps it is possible to find references that agree with vegan and vegetarian values, as well as those that must be avoided at all costs.

Choose Cruelty Free

choose cruelty-free

If you want to commit yourself more fully to animal abuse, this application includes the list of all companies that do not test cosmetic products on animals, promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle. With it we can choose products manufactured by companies that do not perform tests on animals, and includes a list of vegetarian products that we can buy, such as makeup, personal hygiene products or pet care, among others. The companies in which the rabbit logo appears are those that are registered with the organization.

Choose Cruelty Free
Choose Cruelty Free
Developer: Paul crump
Price: Free

Is It Vegan?

is it vegan

This application is highly recommended if you are starting in this world. With it, you can review the specifications and ingredient compounds of hundreds of thousands of different products and beverages. When it identifies them, it will tell you if they are vegan or vegetarian, or if they are not directly. You can scan the barcodes to make it easier for you. The only point against this app is that the products that appear on the list are mostly from the United States, although its large database is being updated regularly.

Is It Vegan?
Is It Vegan?
Developer: Conner Burggraf
Price: Free


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