5 alternatives to download Instagram Reels

Although TikTok revolutionized the social media market with its video format, Instagram's response was swift. This is how the popular Reels appear that set the tone at the moment within the platform's consumption trends. Probably, you have had the need to download these videos and noticed that there is no native way to do it. Thus, we want to present you a series of options to download Instagram Reels.

These will allow you to get the videos and save them on your mobile easily. to share them wherever you want or view them offline.

How to choose a tool to download Reels on Instagram?

In the world of technology there are no perfect tools, since satisfying all the needs of a user in any field is quite complicated. Therefore, the best option will always be the one that best suits the requirements we have. In that sense, When downloading Reels on Instagram it is necessary to take into account a couple of factors.

The first is the frequency with which we will carry out the task. This will allow you to define whether to take an online service or install an application on your Android. If you need to download videos on a daily basis, the best thing to do would be to get an app so that access to the tool is immediate. On the other hand, if it is an occasional need, you could forget the facilities and go to a website.

Applications to download Reels on Instagram from Android

Video Downloader for Reels

Video Downloader for Reels

Video Downloader for Reels is a development of Aculix Technologies, a company with a wide range of solutions to download videos on Android. This version is oriented to Instagram Reels, although on its main screen it shows other options such as Twitter and Facebook.

Its use is quite simple and it starts by obtaining the link of the Reel you want to download. For it, go to Instagram, find the post, tap the 3 dots icon and in the menu that appears, select “Link”.

Copy link

Next, open the Video Downloader for Reels app and enter the “Reels” section. This will take you to a screen with a bar where you will have to paste the link you just copied. The app will recognize the link, display a thumbnail and the button to download.

It should be noted that you can also speed up this process with a much faster procedure offered by the application. In that sense, instead of copying the link, go to the Reel, tap on the 3 dots icon and then click on “Share”.

share link

Find Video Downloader for Reels in the list of apps and select it. This will take you directly to the download screen where you just have to touch the “Download” button to download the Reel.



InSaver it is another alternative with very good ratings in the Play Store and that is worth trying if you need to download Reels on Instagram very frequently. Its operation is the same as the previous option, so downloading a video is a matter of copying the link or sharing it with the application.

However, it has a very interesting differentiating point and that is that with this app you can also download the stories. This is a complementary factor that adds a lot of value to the application, since it adapts perfectly to those who need to download other content from the platform, in addition to Reels.

Likewise, it is noteworthy that it has a fairly fresh and friendly interface that invites a very quick familiarization.

instant downloader

instant downloader

instant downloader It is a fairly complete application to download Reels from Instagram, although its operation in the process is similar to the previous ones. That is, to get the videos from the platform you will have to copy the link or use the “Share” menu that will quickly take you to the download section. Nevertheless, This app has the possibility of also obtaining the stories with a complement and, in addition, it has a history section.

The latter is very interesting, because it will allow you to keep track of the Reels you have downloaded. It is useful because you will be able to access any video quickly, without having to navigate for a long time inside the gallery.

Online services to download Instagram Reels


Save Insta

Save-Insta is a website that offers the possibility of downloading all the content formats that are published on Instagram. In that sense, we are talking about a very complete tool, where you can carry out different processes, completely free of charge.

To download Reels from this tool, you must copy the link previously with the procedure that we explained before. That is, by tapping the 3-dot icon on the post and selecting the “Link” option.

Then, go to the website, select the Reels tab and paste the link in the bar that appears. Right away, tap on the “Watch” button and when the site recognizes the video, you will see the download button just below it. Touch it and the Reel will immediately start downloading on your device.



iGram is another web service with which you can download Instagram Reels easily and for free. We can comment as an advantage and fundamental difference with the previous alternative, the fact that it offers a much faster process. A) Yes, instead of entering a specific section for each service like Save-Insta, iGram recognizes the link just by pasting it.

In other words, it does not matter if you want to obtain a story, a Reel or a photograph, the service will know what type of content the link corresponds to. In that sense, downloading any of these formats is just a matter of copying the link as we mentioned before and pasting it in the iGram bar.

When you tap on the “Download” button, the service will proceed to capture the material. You will have a preview and just below the button to download the video in MP4 format, if it is a story or a Reel.

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