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holo launcher app Currently we can find a lot of possibilities to customize our Android mobile. Lots of themes, app icons, and more are available to make other phones look different. To do this and much more we can use some app launchers. Specifically, we are going to give you one of the best options for your device. Is about Holo launcher, and we are going to explain everything it offers us.

First of all, we must first understand what an application launcher is. All operating systems have their own design by default, and that is the same in all phones, at least in the same version. However, Android allows us to modify it to our liking, since it is an open source system. This means that all users can apply changes and configure it as we want.

In this way we can take advantage of the launchers, one of the most important components of this operating system. These allow us to open or start the applications that we have installed on our mobile. That is, when you turn on your phone screen and access the desktop, the launcher is in charge of carrying out all the processes to open our apps. The truth is that this tool usually goes unnoticed by most users, but what many do not know is that they can customize it much more. And in a really easy way, since we can find many options in the store of Google Play.

Holo Launcher: main features

holo launcher settings

Holo Launcher saw the light for the first time in 2012. At first, only its beta version was available, since it came up with a very curious idea. The app aimed to establish the latest version of Android at that time, specifically the 4.0. Also called Ice Scream Sandwich, this version was a before and after. The problem is that it was only available in the latest models that supported this operating system, and all users wanted to enjoy this new interface.

Almost 10 years later, we can customize many more aspects of our desktop than in its initial version. You should know that Holo Launcher will adopt the Android interface marshmallow, the sixth version and one of the best known and most successful in its history. It must be said that to enjoy some functions we will have to have Kit Kat installed at least, a version that is available today on all devices.

From there, we must let our imaginations fly. We can customize the entire desktop, from the appearance of the pages, applications and scrolling. In addition, it allows us many more options to modify the Dock, the status bar and choose between different widgets, themes and colors to give it a vintage touch.

All desktop customization options

The first thing we find on the desktop is the Google search bar, with the typical square shape that has been around for so many years. It is located at the top of the screen, and takes us directly to the search engine page. On the other hand, if we look at the application icons, we can access the Settings of the launcher. Within this we find several sections. In general settings we can set the screen orientation, the scrolling speed and set the default launcher. Here we can choose between the Holo Launcher itself, others that you have installed or the one that your device has, which gives us even more customization possibilities.

Regarding the settings of the desk, the customization options are endless. We can set the size of the grid, both the rows and the columns. We can do up to a maximum of 8 × 8. We can also choose the horizontal and vertical margin to leave more space between the apps. We continue with the displacement settings, being able to choose between various effects and speeds. We can even edit the desktop background and choose the pages (up to a maximum of 9) that we want to show and the number of icons in each one.

We continue with the icons of the applications, where we can hide the labels and the shadows of these. Obviously we can customize the size, color and labels of these. Also, we can enable the overlay of widgets, although this is only available in the paid version. We can also show the search bar and hide the status bar to our liking.


If we continue investigating the rest of the settings, we can also customize the application drawers, as in the case of the one that comes by default from Google. As before, it allows us to set the number of columns and rows, as well as the margins and their color. We can set our favorite apps, modify the scroll bar and the search bar to always have them at hand.

One of the most surprising things is that despite the fact that in this version we could not access so many customization possibilities, we can also choose the gestures and keys. The start key will allow us to choose between a lot of actions, as well as set its default function, which will take us to the start screen. Of course, we will have quite limited gestures, only being able to choose the slide up and down.

If we go back to the desktop, we find many more tools with which to personalize our phone. First of all, it offers us a lot of Topics to apply in our desktop, both static and animated. You should know that the seconds consume more battery, but they guarantee you a much more attractive user experience. We can also set photos from our gallery, as well as screensavers.

In addition to the options that we have already said, we can modify the icons and widgets from the main screen. If we keep pressed on one of them, several options will appear. By clicking on the first one, on Edit, will allow us to change the name and icon of the app. We can choose between the default icon, select an image from our gallery or access the icon pack offered by Holo Launcher. If we give to Eliminate, it will erase the icon from the desktop. And in Gestures, we can modify the speed of movement or certain actions to open them to our liking. As in previous cases, these options will only be available in their premium version.

The best and worst of this app launcher

As you can see, Holo Launcher offers us a lot of possibilities to fully customize the interface of our device. One of its strengths is that we can assign gestures to different actions, especially for applications. Some of these options, as you may have noticed, are not available today in the design of many Android phones. In addition, the ability to fully edit the app icons, from the settings and from the desktop, give it much faster and more comfortable accessibility than other launchers.

But nothing and nobody is perfect, or so the saying goes. Depending on the model of the device, it may present charging problems, or it may not be possible to start it. This also happens with applications, something that is quite annoying. You must have version 4.0 onwards to enjoy it, something very simple today. On the other hand, some users have stated that some apps have been uninstalled without their consent. They also allege that the number of notifications is not shown above some of them. These are details that can make us opt for another option, but the truth is that it works correctly on the vast majority of phones.

Holo launcher


4final match.

Zone Personalization
Voice control No
Size 2,5 MB
Minimum Android version 4.1
In-app purchases Yes
Developer MobInt Software


  • Large-scale desktop customization
  • Variety of themes and icon packs


  • Limited features
  • Sometimes it does not load the applications well

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