How to buy Bitcoin? Basic guide for beginners


Buy Bitcoin In the last decade, it has been an act of rebellion against the big banks and a step forward towards control of our own money. Its popularity has brought constant growth in the value of the token and its use in different scenarios. Users interested in this crypto should know the safest place to buy BTC. In this article we will see the main characteristics of this currency and the safest way to obtain it.

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the areas with the greatest growth in recent years. Investments in web3 technology have also grown and further growth is expected for the future. The increase is due to a greater adoption in finance, art, music, among other areas. Without a doubt, this is an ecosystem to follow today due to its enormous potential.

Steps to buy Bitcoin

If you are interested in buy Bitcoin, you should know what is the safest way to obtain them. You can follow these simple steps to obtain the desired amount of this token:

  1. Accede to Creak.
  2. Make the registration process or log in if you already have an account.
  3. Connect a funding method.
  4. Proceed to buy the Bitcoins.

This is a very simple method to obtain the token quickly and safely. However, it is essential to understand Bitcoin, at least in part, and have conviction in the decision you are making.

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Current Bitcoin Landscape

Today, the cryptocurrency market is very broad. Users interested in this ecosystem can participate in a large number of projects. This has caused that the crypto market expands more and more in different sectors. All of this would not have been possible if Bitcoin had not been created more than a decade ago.

The giant of the crypto ecosystem has been a crucial factor in the birth of the market as we know it today. Bitcoin has transformed finance and the international monetary system, returning control and privacy to users. Since its creation, the cryptocurrency has been attacked by personalities, officials and international institutionsHowever, its growth has not stopped.

Currently, the adoption of its technology and its currency has reached all corners of the planet. Despite a large part of institutions and states that are against its use. Institutional adoption has grown in many developed countries that can increase their capitalization exponentially.

The potential of cryptocurrencies, and especially Bitcoin, is enormous, as is their usefulness in different areas of the international market. This year has brought a lot of positive news both internally and externally. Many of these developments have helped expand its usefulness in different sectors of the ecosystem. These big changes in the ecosystem can help the sustainability of cryptocurrencies in the future. Let's look at some of the most important events.

The introduction of Ordinals on the blockchain

One of the missing features on the Bitcoin chain were NFTs. This has been managed to be introduced at the end of 2023 in the proposal developed by Casey Rodarmor in January of the same year.


The NFT Ordinals, as this initiative is called, allow you to enter information such as vvideos, music, images and more to a satoshi. Non-fungible tokens are not a new concept in the Bitcoin ecosystem, as they are present in layer 2 chains. However, with this new update it is achieved add this functionality to layer 1 blockchain.

Since its implementation in the chain, multiple projects have been created using this technology. This was a untapped area on the blockchain which generates large amounts of capital each year.

Bitcoin ETF Approval

The biggest event in the ecosystem so far this year has been the ETF approval. At the beginning of January of this year, the SEC gave a blow on the table to give a change of direction on Bitcoin. The Bitcoin ETF proposed by the financial giant Blackrock It had finally been approved.

The approval of this financial mechanism may trigger other large financial institutions to adopt a friendly policy to cryptocurrency and the crypto market in general. The first steps are already being taken in some international institutions such as the Hong Kong stock exchange. Other important points that can bringing the token ETF is that it can increase its use in developed countries.

In recent years it has been seen that the greatest adoption of the crypto market has been in emerging countries. This trend may change due to policy changes by some world powers.


Is it a good idea to invest in Bitcoin?

During years, The idea of ​​investing in Bitcoin has met with different schools of thought. The truth is that cryptocurrency has brought important changes in the functioning of the international financial system. Therefore, It is common to find negative opinions for the most conservative financial personalities.

Before deciding whether to invest in this cryptocurrency, the user must know the main characteristics of Bitcoin. Additionally, you must know how blockchain works, its advantages and disadvantages. The characteristics present in this cryptocurrency determine its operation and its value in the market. One of the most important aspects is the limited supply of the coin. There are only 21 million coins, which helps avoid inflation.

The issuance of the currency decreases approximately every 4 years in a process called halving. This makes the cryptocurrency more scarce over time. These are some of the characteristics that give the token a deflationary character. This means that Bitcoin can gain value over time due to greater BTC scarcity.

The blockchain technology behind the token makes it impossible to copy or falsify said token. Furthermore, it gives you privacy and security of the tokens held by the user. Transfers between users are usually very secure and can be carried out in a matter of minutes. These elements make up a reliable network for user information and funds.

In summary, these are some of the aspects that can balance the balance when deciding to invest in Bitcoin.

And that's all for today, leave me in the comments how you learned about cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin.