BlackBerry Messenger

BBM succeeds, but not on Android

BBM is the messaging application with which BlackBerry wants to compete with WhatsApp. And although it is succeeding, it seems that on Android it does not succeed.

Alternatives to Gmail (Part 1)

Now that Gmail would begin to include advertising in its application for Android, it is time to look for alternatives for the smartphone.


Papyrus: Free App of the Day

Papyrus is the free app of the day. It allows us to take handwritten notes and then store them in Dropbox, Evernote, or send them by email.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha: App of the Day

Wolfram Alpha is today's app. It was born as a mathematical calculator, and today it is the new concept of search engine. Offer answers, not results


App of the day: Tune in

Sintonea is the app of the day, a free application that allows us to carry a dictionary of definitions, another of synonyms, and one of antonyms.

Real guitar

App of the day: Real Guitar

Today's app is Real Guitar. It is a guitar that does not break, and that even allows you to record your own compositions. In addition, it is free.

App of the day: Colored Noiser

Today's app will help us focus. It is called Colored Noiser, and it emits a noise that is capable of making our brain believe that there is silence.


App of the day: Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is the app of the day, although it should be the app of the year. It is the best to save battery. Allows you to create savings modalities

DocuSign Ink

App of the day: DocuSign Ink

Today's app is DocuSign Ink. This application allows you to sign documents with a previously saved signature, or by drawing it on the screen.

WiFi Mouse

App of the day: WiFi Mouse

Today's app is WiFi Mouse, an application that allows us to replace the mouse on our computer with our Android smartphone or tablet.

App of the day: Sleep as Android

Today's app is one of the best. Sleep as Android monitors your sleep, and wakes you up at the optimal time when sleep is lightest.

motorbike free

Stupid App of the Week: Moto Free

This week, the stupid app is related to the world of motorcycling. Although we cannot say that it is really useful. It's called Moto Free.