Speed ​​radar

App of the day: Speed ​​Radar

Become a traffic agent with the App of the day. Speed ​​Radar is an application that allows you to measure the speed of a moving element.

Heart Rate

App of the day: Heart Rate

Heart Rate is our app of the day. It is a simple application to measure the heart rate of our heart, using the camera and the flash.

Real drum

App of the day: Real Drum

Real Drum is probably the best application to play drums that you will find on Google Play. Simple, but with perfect operation.


App of the day: Pedometer

Yes, you will have understood after a few seconds. A Pedometer, in English, is a Pedometer. You need to take 10.000 steps a day, so count.


App of the day: gStrings

An ideal application for guitar fans. Allows you to tune the guitar and also measure the frequency of the tones.

do not lock

App of the day: No lock

Today, in App of the day, we bring you an application that allows you to deactivate the screen locker. No lock might seem like a useless app, but is it?

iAnnotate PDF

App of the day: iAnnotate PDF

Today's app is iAnnotate PDF. And the reason is simple, it is the best app to underline PDFs, and also, it is completely free.

Mindjet Maps

App of the day: Mindjet Maps

We inaugurate a new section, App of the day, where we will highlight an application every morning. Today, Mindjet Maps, an app for creating mind maps.


Feedly is the true heir to Google Reader

Feedly is the service that has gained the most followers since the announcement of the closure of Google Reader. And it is that, without a doubt, it seems that he will be the true heir.

Google+ has a new update on Google Play

The Google+ application for Android devices has a new update on Google Play with new features such as a new notification tray and new community moderation functions.

Google Calendar is updated

The Google Calendar application for Android has been updated and now offers interesting new features in its interface and functionalities