Top 5 keyboard apps for Android

Sometimes the Android keyboard does not cover all the needs. If this is your case, be sure to try these five keyboard applications

Google Maps is updated

Google Maps, the geolocation application of the Android developer, receives a new update that increases its usefulness

Zara arrives at Samsung Apps

The Zara application reaches Samsung Apps and the firm's mobiles, including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the entire range of Galaxy Tab tablets

Facebook for Android is updated

Facebook for Android has just been updated with interesting improvements such as, for example, an improvement when sharing photos in messages

PalmOS can now be used on Android

PalmOS can now be used on Android thanks to the arrival of an emulator called StyleTap. Of course, its price is somewhat high: $ 49,95.

Music apps (I): Songify

An application that composes songs from a recording of the desired sung verse. Songify is great for fun.

Read It Later becomes Pocket

The old Read It Later application undergoes a redesign and becomes Pocket. It keeps the previous functions, and extends some of them.

Radardroid - App of the Week

Radardroid detects both fixed and mobile radars. It has two versions, free and paid, but the first is fully functional.

Facebook for Android is updated

The social network Facebook updates its version for Android. Navigation between groups, applications and pages is done with just one touch.