What is the best deck using Magic Archer in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale Magic Archer Deck

There are many games that currently the users who want have fun and at the same time strategize or participate in the most epic battles they can play. One of the most popular has managed to achieve is Clash Royale, with millions of monthly active users as well as more than 100 million downloads in the official Google app store. The day of today we will be talking about the Magic Archer card and the combination for your deck in Clash Royale using this card more effective.

If you have played this exciting game before, you will have noticed that although the excitement and fun are never lacking, it is also difficult at times to come up with a winning card formula. We have successfully tested the combinations that we offer you here, making these the best with the Magic Archer card.

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale

This game was released in 2016, under the signature of the Finnish company developer of other equally successful video games such as Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars and Rush Wars, just to mention a few. This game we are talking about has been very successful and has millions of players around the world, who are part of a huge online community.

The essence of the game is to face other opponents who play online in the arena, for this they must combine the cards that the game offers and form the best possible decks with them. Certainly there is no deck that can make you win in all battles, everything will depend on the strategy you draw up and of course your enemy's will be just as important.

Clash Royale
Clash Royale
Developer: Supercell
Price: Free

How to play with the Magic Archer card in Clash Royale?

This is one of the legendary cards you can find in this game. The cost of it is 4 elixir, and it has a medium speed. Its main use is in attacks, where the best strategy is to place it behind a tank that protects him while causing damage to his enemies by shooting his magic arrows that manage to pierce through his enemies. The range of them is 11 and has a fairly fast firing rate. Clash Royale Magic Archer Decks

The statistics of this card are: 

  • Health points: 440 at level 9; 704 at level 14
  • Damage: 111 at level 9; 177 at level 14.
  • Damage Per Second: 111 at level 9; 160 at level 14.
  • Attack speed: 1.1 seconds.
  • His speed is Medium.
  • It has a range of 7.
  • Projectile range is 11.
  • Its objectives are ground and air.

Some of the main features of this letter are:

  • When you get past Arena 13, you can get this letter in the chests.
  • A total of 4 elixir will be needed to be able to deploy it in your battles.
  • It has little life, therefore not very resistant to direct attacks of his enemies.
  • It's useful too against troops that, like him, have little life, since its damage is not very high.
  • Ideal against enemies with a slow movement speed, since when they are too fast he does not hit his shots.

What is the best deck with the Magic Archer in Clash Royale?

First Deck

  • You must have the following combination of cards: Magic Archer, Giant, Mega Minion, Electric Mage, Prince, Poison, Shock, and Dark Prince.

Magic Archer Decks

With an elixir cost of 3.9, which is an average value within the game, this deck will have as its fundamental strategy to use the damage caused by the Prince and that of the Magic Archer, while this is defended by the others. It is important as long as the rest of your troops stay ahead and protect the Magic Archer.

second deck

  • You will need the following combination of cards to be able to form this deck: Magic Archer, Goblin Dart Launcher, Ice Spirit Minions, Poison, Shock, Battle Ram and of course, PEKKA

Clash Royale Magic Archer Decks

When deciding to use the PEKKA card, you are aware that it consumes a lot of elixir, but it is also one of the cards that resists the most damage, being the tank par excellence in this game. In this case obviously you will tank in front while your Magic Archers take cover Take all the damage and attack your enemies.

Third Deck

  • You need the following cards for this deck: Magic Archer, Earthquake, Mini PEKKA, royal pack, Ice Spirits, Royal Pigs and Skeletons.

Clash Royale Magic Archer Decks

The elixir consumption of this deck will be just 3.1, which is quite low being the main attraction of its use, which will allow you to attack with a larger number of troops and slowly weakening the opponent.

It is the ideal deck to defend against strong troops and level up your cards. The protagonists of it are of course the Magical Archer and the Mini PEKKA

fourth deck

  • You will need to have the following sequence of cards for this deck: Magic Archer, Healing Spirit, Elite Barbarians, Bandit, Royal Ghost, Barbarian Barrel, Princess.

Clash Royale

Requiring an elixir cost of 3.5, it's not the cheapest deck, but it's not the most consuming either. It has a peculiar combination of letters that they combine very well with the characteristics of the Magical Archer, which as a fundamental principle alter the attack and defense very effectively.

Fifth Deck

  • You must have the following combination of cards to use this deck: Magic Archer, Elixir Golem, Fireball, Night Witch, Bandit, Barbarian Barrel, Electric Wizard and Warrior Healer.

Clash Royale

3.5 units of elixir will be consumed in this deck, whose fundamental strategy will be to carry out attacks by all your troops with the greatest number of these possible. Your opponent's reaction will be one of helplessness and perturbation., because it causes you to not know where to defend yourself from the attack and damage that you will be causing.

We hope this article has been helpful to you when it comes to drawing up your strategies in Clash Royale with the deadliest Magic Archer deck.. Let us know in the comments if you know of any other combinations that lead to a winning battle for you.. We read you.

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