Get the most out of your PS4 by connecting your Android to the console: this is how it works

Did you know that you can connect your Android phone to your PlayStation 4 console via WiFi? Do you know all the official Sony apps for your terminal? Your video games and your phone can get along very well. Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how you can control your PlayStation 4 from your Android.

The first thing you should know is that Sony has designed a good handful of applications for Android with which you can manage both your account in PlayStation Network like many other aspects related to your own console itself. From buying games in the Store, to adding friends, sending messages or turning the machine on or off, all with your phone. On Xbox One we can do something similar, even play with it mobile via xCloud, Microsoft's new service.

So let's take a first look at the basic Sony PlayStation apps on Android.


A basic application to manage everything related to your account from your Android device. Add friends, buy games, check who is online, check trophies ... Everything that has to do with managing your online account on PlayStation 4 is in this official app.

PS Messages

With a cleaner and more agile interface, the application par excellence to send messages to your contacts is this.

PS Second screen

Although at first it was integrated into the PS App, Sony created this application separately and the truth is that it is one of the most useful: you can control menus from your console by sliding your finger across the screen or typing with a QWERTY keyboard through your mobile both to send messages and to search for things in the bazaar. Everything, of course, with the console on and connected to the same WiFi network.

PlayLink range of games

An ever-growing list of holiday games in local multiplayer. Each one has its corresponding app with the mobile and the operation is simple: it is put on the console, it is watched on TV, but it is played with the controller. Singstar, Has It Been You, Knowledge is Power or Knowledge is Power: Generations are some of the favorite titles to play with friends or family.

How to use PS Second Screen to control your PlayStation 4 from your Android

To connect your mobile to the console the mecanism is the next.

First of all, download the app PS Second screen and open it. Make sure your Android phone is connected to the same WiFi network as the console. If so, a list will appear with the PlayStation 4 turned on and available. Connect to it.

playstation 4 on Android

The app will ask you for a code. Well, in the console we can get the code through the following route: we go to Settings in the console and click on Connection settings of the mobile application.

playstation 4 on Android

We click on Add new device.

playstation 4 on Android

We already have the code and about five minutes to enter them on our Android phone.

playstation 4 on Android

If we have done well we can use the phone to write searches or scroll through the menus.

There you go.

playstation 4 on Android

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