Dating apps for lesbians

Dating app to meet lesbian people

Meeting people is a social norm to relate, create opportunities, distract ourselves and learn from new experiences. If you are a woman and are part of the LGBTQIA+ collective, we present youas dating apps for lesbians that are safe and reliable.

These platforms are excellent for meeting new people from a distance, which facilitates communication and expression. In addition, it is safer to make a prior evaluation of the other person and determine if a personal encounter is worth it. Let's know what they are, how it works and how it benefits us to use them.

Can you find love using an app?

Flirt through a mobile application

Love is a sensation that is on the surface in every person willing to fall in love and that is not closed to any experience. On a bus, a bus stop, in the cafeteria or simply walking we can find love. through a mobile application, it is possible, but perhaps not at first "sight".

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When we try to flirt and meet people through a mobile application The first thing we see is a photograph. We doubt if it is really about that person, so love is not yet born. After starting a deeper and more relaxed conversation, an interest and pleasure in sharing with her begins to grow.

When does love come from an app? Depending on the platform, it may only be with words and messages, in some cases there is the option to turn on the camera and see each other physically for the first time. However, one detects love when there is rubbing, touching or caressing between people. Using an app, this is impossible.

Love exists and is in each person willing to feel it.. Through an app the process takes time, but it is feasible to achieve love for everyone. It is time to know what those applications are and where we can meet people and find our other Lesbian half.

Dating apps for women

LGBTQIA+ people can find love in a dating mobile app . They just have to use the ones indicated for their gender and open themselves to new experiences. This time we will talk about apps so that lesbians can flirt and meet people:

Apps to find a partner
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Tinder is a well-known heterosexual dating app. However, lesbians can use it if they want to meet people and exchange opinions or even search for people of the same gender and try to flirt. When registering on the platform you can indicate your sexual tastes, additional gender data and what you are going to show in the profile. This way the algorithm will know what to show you and who to link you with.


Meetic is an online dating app for users over 18 years of age. It is very popular in Europe and is perfect for meeting lesbians from all over the continent. To use it you must enter the application, create a profile and you will begin to find people of the same gender.

You can chat, meet interesting people, start a relationship or flirt. It has a very intuitive interface, its algorithm provides an excellent match between people based on the attributes placed in the profile. In addition, it is safe, reliable and guarantees protection of your data. Also, perform daily account verifications to ensure they are real and active.

Meetic - Dating for Singles
Meetic - Dating for Singles
Developer: Meetic
Price: Free


Wapa dating app for lesbians

Guapa is the new version of Brenda, a dating application made for lesbians, bisexuals or people from the LGBTQIA+ community. It is perfect for meet people, flirt and find love. You can create your profile, post a photo, verify other people's accounts, exchange messages or translate them instantly in the chat. It is easy to use, very intuitive and has several free features.


Qrush is a dating app for lesbian, heterosexual or lesbian women. LGBTQIA+ community. On this platform what you are looking for is to meet people through a search customization based on what you like. You must create a short profile, have a photo and the app indicates how far apart they are in meters.

Fire of Life

fugo de vida dating app for lesbians

Fire of life is a mobile application to meet people and flirt. Its interface is friendly, simple, similar to a social network. If you go with a friendship vibe, you can also do it, you just have to clarify it in your profile along with a photograph.


Gayvox is a dating app for people in the LGBTQIA+ community. Has web version and mobile app for Android. It is ideal for looking for partners, friends or just talking to someone. You can use the free option or pay for a Premium option with more options. It is compatible with Android, but it cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, they have a direct link with Amazon where you can purchase it.


Bumble is an online dating app to meet people, flirt and simply make friends. It is a way to contact people all over the world, especially in Spain where it is very popular. The platform promotes respect, equality and inclusion of all genders. We work with response times where people They must decide within 24 hours whether to write or respond to the other.

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Zoe dating app for lesbians

The best dating platform for lesbians who want to find love from one app. They can enter anyone from the LGBTQIA+ community to meet people. It is easy to use, secure and guarantees total privacy. It has a good rating in the application market places, if you like someone, indicate it and if not. The algorithm detects if there is attraction and notifies it to start the chat.

Zoe: Lesbian Dating & Chat
Zoe: Lesbian Dating & Chat
Developer: Zoe App
Price: Free


Ella dating app for lesbians

Ella is an app for the LGBTQIA+ community where lesbians, gays and other genders can find love or simply meet people. It is a safe space, free of discrimination, where gender freedom and equality are promoted. They can use it from 16 years of age, they offer group chat sessions or simply to laugh and share anecdotes.


Her is a lesbian dating app and people from the LGBTQIA+ community that is managed similar to a social network. You can meet people, flirt, chat or just make friends. Choose who you want to match with and who you don't. In addition, you can organize community meetings and events through its calendar. You can add friends, view profiles, start chat and more.

HER- Lesbian App
HER- Lesbian App
Developer: HER App
Price: Free
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The apps to flirt and meet people special for lesbians are very simple and easy to use. In addition, it gives you a pleasant experience of talking to people of the same gender without fear and total security. Share this article with that person who wants to look for love and is part of the LGBTQIA+ community.