Differences between Twitter and Bluesky

Differences between Twitter and Bluesky

Bluesky was presented a few months ago as the alternative to Twitter (now X), and the social network that we recognized at the time by the blue bird logo has changed a lot since it was acquired by Elon Musk. Therefore, we are going to analyze the differences between Twitter and Bluesky.

It's not that you have to close your account on one and open a profile on another, you can be perfectly on both channels. But it is interesting to do a deeper analysis of what Bluesky offers us compared to X.

Bluesky, the new social network from the creator of Twitter

BlueSky created by the original developer of Twitter.

If Bluesky and Twitter, is that behind them is the hand of the same person. Jack Dorsey was once a co-founder of Twitter and CEO of the platform until 2021, and He is also one of those responsible for Bluesky.

In fact, Bluesky's project arose when he was in charge of Twitter. At first it was an idea that a small independent team was working on, and the goal was create a decentralized standard for social networks which would later be implemented on Twitter.

However, the changes in the ownership of the social network made Dorsey changed his mind and continued working at Bluesky, but already as a project destined to be born and operate as an independent social network.

Today, for many users, Bluesky is presented as an alternative to X. A place where they can continue talking and connecting, but far from the trolls and fake news that have flooded what used to be Twitter.

Differences between Twitter and Bluesky that you cannot ignore

The differences between these social networks.

Social networks may be different in style, but their basic operation remains the same: establishing links between people and, increasingly, between people and brands.

But Bluesky moves a little away from what we are used to, and especially from Twitter or X, and it does so with the following features of its own.

Moderation matters

Elon Musk has been gradually eliminating X's content moderation systems. So, now, we can find hate messages that a few years ago would not have been made public.

This has attracted more radical profiles and has driven away from the platforms people who are only looking for a calm conversation or objective information.

On the opposite side is Bluesky, which is strongly committed to moderation.n. It is not about limiting people's freedom of expression, but it does apply a series of filters so that offensive messages do not become public.

Content Personalization

X, Instagram and Other social networks are based on the “power” of the algorithm. The more interested you are in content, the more it will be shown to you. And not only that, but also others that the algorithm considers may be of interest to you.

Although this It can be useful to access information and learn about new brands, trends, etc., can also be annoying and invasive.

What Bluesky offers is greater freedom. There is no central algorithm here that orders the content shown to you. But, as a user, you can create your own personalized algorithms and feed. Thus, you make sure to see the information that really interests you first. For example, if you apply the “Bluesky ñ” algorithm you will only see messages in Spanish.

Greater control over receiving messages

Another difference between Twitter and Bluesky is that the latter gives greater importance to the intimacy and privacy of people, reinforcing their power over the messages they receive.

A strengthened consent system applies here. Therefore, you can only receive messages from people you have previously accepted, and you are also asked for consent if another user wants to put you on a list.

Whithout ads

advertising in Social networks have been growing gradually. Since they are used daily by millions of people, brands find the possibility of advertising on them very attractive, and they are willing to pay for it.

Advertising is already the main source of income for social networks. Although in the case of X it has lost important advertisers in recent months, The truth is that its users continue to see a large number of ads.

For the moment, Bluesky has decided to differentiate itself from the competition and does not have advertising. We don't know if this will continue in the future. but it's a pretty nice change.

You need an invitation

Another aspect that differentiates this new social network from others is that not everyone can join. You need to have an invitation, which gives it a certain air of exclusivity that Internet users are really liking.

You can get the invitation in two different ways:

  • You register on their website and enter a waiting list.
  • You are invited by someone who is already part of this social network.

Bluesky has a lot of potential

Bluesky's potential.

Standing out in the world of social networks is not easy, because each one of them seems to have already gained its particular market share. However, specialists highlight that Bluesky has great potential, and that can become a very serious rival for Twitter (X).

It is still taking its first steps and already has features that draw the attention of those who have given up on X and have canceled their account.

Its focus on personalization and decentralization, as well as the absence of advertising and its exclusive touch, are awakening public interest in it. If all goes well, in a short time Bluesky could become a powerful social network. What remains to be seen is whether he will manage to unseat X. Although the latter is going through problems due to the controversial decisions of its board, the truth is that it continues to be one of the most popular social networks.

Now that you know the differences between Twitter and Bluesky, which one do you prefer?