Hitman Sniper, the classic video game franchise is temporarily free on the Play Store

Hitman Sniper, free on AndroidHitman Sniper is the adaptation to terminals Android from one of the best known and most loved franchises in the world of video games. The adventures of the most charismatic hitman in the industry may be on your phone now than on the Play Store the title (0,99 euros) is free for a limited time.

Square Enix Montreal has temporarily put Hitman Sniper on the Google Play Store for free. The followers of this discreet hired murderer, known for its barcode on the back of the neck, you can test your aim on your Android mobile devices now for free, as it costs nothing temporarily.

The title, which was released in 2015 on mobile terminals, follows the adventures of the well-known Agent 47 in a series of complex first-person missions that will serve to unlock more content such as weapons and objectives as the plot of the title unfolds.

Hitman Sniper
Hitman Sniper
Price: 0,99 €

Hitman Sniper, a good game from the franchise for mobile devices

The arrival of Hitman to mobile devices almost three and a half years ago was received with good reviews by the specialized media, so now, that its price has faded (target down) is a good time to get the services of this agent.

And it is that although the experience is typical of the hitman saga, with the exception that your only work tool will be a sniper's rifle, The reality is that the fact that your position is comfortable, privileged and secure does not exempt the player from posing a challenge when it comes to taking down the enemies in the correct order with the aim of not raising suspicions and being able to fulfill the mission in the pre-established times and without raising any suspicion.

It is not the first time that Hitman Sniper has become temporarily free on the Android Play Store, but those who have not yet been able to try the title now have an interesting opportunity to do so before the price increases again after the Christmas campaign.


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