Rigorousness and transparency.

Our editorial policy is based on 7 points that ensure that all our content will be rigorous, honest, reliable and transparent.

  • We want it to be easy for you to know who writes what in our environment and knowledge you have to do it.
  • We want you to know our sources, who we are inspired by and the means and tools we use.
  • We work to make all this possible by giving readers the possibility to inform us of any errors they find and any improvements they want to propose.

On an internet with infoxication ailment, it is especially important to be able to distinguish between reliable and unreliable media.

We base our editorial ethics on 7 points, which we will develop below:

Veracity of the information

All the information we publish is checked to ensure that it is true. To achieve this objective, we try to document ourselves with primary sources, which are the focus of the news, and thus avoid misunderstandings or inaccurate interpretations of the information.

We do not have any type of political or commercial interest and we write from neutrality, trying to be as objective as possible when delivering news and offering our expertise in product reviews and comparisons.

Specialized editors

Each editor knows perfectly the theme he is working on. We deal with experts in each field. People who show daily to possess great knowledge in the subject they write about. So that you can know them we leave information about them and links to their social profiles and biography.

Original content

All the content we publish is original. We do not copy or translate from other media. We link to the corresponding sources if we have used them, and we cite the owners of images, media and resources that we use to give the most accurate information possible, attributing the pertinent authority.

No to Clickbait

We do not use false or sensational headlines in order to attract the reader without having the news nothing to do. We are rigorous and truthful, so the titles of our articles correspond to what you will find in our content. We do not generate expectations about content that is not in the body of the news.

Quality and excellence of content

We create quality articles and content and we continually seek excellence in it. Trying to take care of every detail and bring the reader closer to the information they are looking for and need.

Errata correction

Whenever we find an error or communicate it to us, we review and correct it. We have an internal error control system that helps us to constantly improve our articles, as well as prevent them from happening again in the future.

Continuous improvement

We regularly improve the content on our sites. On the one hand, correcting errors and, on the other, expanding tutorials and timeless content. Thanks to this practice, all the content of the webs is transformed into reference content and useful for all readers, whenever it is read.

If you have any complaints or suggestions to make about an article or writer, we invite you to use our Contact Form.