Editorial team

AndroidHelp.com belongs to the network of Actualidad Blog sites. We have a team specialized in Android made up of top-notch journalists.



    • Isaac

      User and passionate about Android mobile devices. Professor of course on Linux systems administration, supercomputing, and computer architecture. Editor for AB and writer of books such as the encyclopedia on microprocessors The World of Bitman.

    • Rafa Rodriguez

    • Pablo Sanchez

      Especially interested in the technology behind Android phones. I'm constantly learning about apps and games, so I can recommend the best ones, as well as offer usage tips for many of them. My mission in Android Ayuda is to send you all those learnings and news that I discover through my articles.

    • Daniel Gutiérrez

    • charles brave

      Graduated in Law and lover of technology, everything related to this world fascinates me. Passionate about sports and my CP Cacereño and FC Barcelona.

    Former editors

    • Iván Martín

      I have been in the world of technology journalism for more than ten years. I am a lover of everything that has to do with it and, in addition, I love to "tinker" with all kinds of devices. I am one of those who thinks that all technological advances are good and you have to use them, no half measures.

    • Rocio G. Rubio

    • Miguel Martinez

    • David G. Bolanos

      Almost more than 20 years since I started writing about technology and a veteran in the ADSLzone Group since 2010. Currently in the functions of Editorial Director of the Group, managing the writing and collaborators and in business development and relationship with brands.

    • Miguel Ángel Muñoz

    • Jorge Sanz

    • Javier Sanz

    • Miguel Hernández

      Analyzing all types of Android devices since 2010. It is important to know in depth the technological advances to be able to transmit them to the readers. "Not everything is specifications, in mobiles there must be an experience" - Carl Pei.