Editorial team

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    • Andy Acosta

      I love science and technology and am good at explaining things. The Android operating system allows us to be full owners of our devices and personalize them with our unique style; It would be irresponsible to be interested in technology and not try these magnificent terminals.

    • Daniel Gutiérrez

      My history with telephony began with a Motorola that was a brick with an antenna from the Airtel operator a few years ago. Over the years, my first phone was an HTC running the Android operating system. I love testing applications, testing new phones and any gadget with AI.

    • Juan Martinez

      I am a technology and video game enthusiast. For more than 10 years I have been working as a writer on topics related to PCs, consoles, Android phones, Apple and technology in general. I like to always stay up to date and aware of what the main brands and manufacturers are doing, as well as review tutorials and play to get the most out of each device and its operating system.

    • Cesar Bastidas

      Since I was little I have been passionate about technology and everything we can achieve through it. I trained as a systems engineer at the ULA in Venezuela and currently I work in the writing of technology content and for Amazon. I aspire to continue growing and learning to be a better content writer every day.

    • Nerea Pereira

      Law student and geek girl. As a good techie I am a lover of new technologies and especially everything related to the Android universe

    • mayka jimenez

      Passionate about technology, I have been immersed in the Android universe for several years. But I know perfectly well that we all have doubts about this topic, and that is why I want to help you. I hope that my articles bring you in a simple and enjoyable way everything you need to know about Android to get even more out of this operating system.

    • Rafa Rodriguez

      Reporting on Android and its news since 2016. I make reviews and tests of the gadgets of the moment. Trying to be aware of everything new.

    Former editors

    • Iván Martín

      I have been in the world of technology journalism for more than ten years. I am a lover of everything that has to do with it and, in addition, I love to "tinker" with all kinds of devices. I am one of those who thinks that all technological advances are good and you have to use them, no half measures.

    • Rocio G. Rubio

      Enthusiastic of everything that has to do with Android: mobile phones, tablets,... I spend my free time reading about this operating system that has made life so easy for all of us.

    • Miguel Martinez

      Android has meant a before and after for me: it is a system that allows me to enjoy my work more, and also my free time. For this reason, I like to be aware of the news and then tell you about them so that you can also know them.

    • Carlos Eduardo Rivera-Urbina

      Passionate about technology from an early age and faithful believer that technological progress can grow as a society. In AndroidAyuda I write for all lovers of the Google ecosystem. Welcome.

    • David G. Bolanos

      Almost more than 20 years since I started writing about technology and a veteran in the ADSLzone Group since 2010. Currently in the functions of Editorial Director of the Group, managing the writing and collaborators and in business development and relationship with brands.

    • Jose Angel Rivas Gonzalez

      Computer scientist and audiovisual producer. I constantly dedicate myself to see the news of new technologies to stay awake. Philosophy fan.

    • Miguel Ángel Muñoz

      For me, Android is the best invention in the world. It is very useful, since you can do what you want from wherever you want and in a simple way. For all this, I am convinced that Android is and will continue to be the most widely used operating system for mobile devices.

    • Jorge Sanz

      Who does not use an Android device today? It is so useful and practical that you can install it on many gadgets. I love it, so much so that whenever I can I look for the news that comes out, and thus learn more about my devices.

    • javier sanz

    • Doriann Marquez

      Computer enthusiast and follower of mobile technologies and the smartphone market. I like Android, testing applications and writing everything I learn about them.

    • Pablo Sanchez

      Especially interested in the technology behind Android phones. I'm constantly learning about apps and games, so I can recommend the best ones, as well as offer usage tips for many of them. My mission in Android Ayuda is to send you all those learnings and news that I discover through my articles.

    • Miguel Hernández

      Analyzing all types of Android devices since 2010. It is important to know in depth the technological advances to be able to transmit them to the readers. "Not everything is specifications, in mobiles there must be an experience" - Carl Pei.

    • charles brave

      Graduated in Law and lover of technology, everything related to this world fascinates me. Passionate about sports and my CP Cacereño and FC Barcelona.

    • Gemma Rodriguez

      Freelance journalist focused on digital marketing and content creation. She is creative, enthusiastic and passionate about impromptu trips.