Extend the life of your Android phone in 3 easy steps

android flying with jetpackOne of the most valued things in smartphones is the fact that that work in a fluid and efficient way, exactly the same as they did the day we took them out of their box. And although it is not difficult to keep the terminal in good condition, there are always some ideas that help us on a day-to-day basis; that's why we are going to talk about extend the life of your Android phone in 3 easy steps. Do not worry, it is very easy!

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Do not install applications that you know you will not use

It may seem obvious, but one of the most common errors when migrating from one terminal to another is the fact that dump absolutely all the information we had on our previous phone Android thanks to backups. And although doing something like this is very practical, switching smartphones can be a great opportunity to not install those applications that we simply never use.

Avoiding overloading the physical memory of your terminal is one of the best decisions you can make now that you have changed devices. If you keep it that way long term, you will notice that its performance is significantly higher, while if you fill it with useless applications, you will surely soon begin to notice slowdowns.

Beware of high temperatures

It is clear that when the objective is to extend the life of your Android phone one of the priorities has to be not allowing hardware to reach dizzying temperatures. In these times it is common for some applications to be extraordinarily demanding so, if you do not have a true top of the range, it is best that you accept the limitations of the terminal or that you do not dedicate yourself to demanding maximum performance for very long periods .

If you spend an hour playing the next generation game of turn and allow your phone to overheat excessively, the components will suffer. You can count on this will drastically reduce its durability. And, in addition, you will notice that the performance of the phone will deteriorate in a short time.

Be careful with the peripherals and cables you use

It is common to run into people who buy the best Android phone available but spend very little money on good cables and peripherals that go with it. Always bet on quality products- No third-party chargers without certificates, car connectors with unstable amperages, or cases that cause damage to the device's chassis. Any of the above things, despite their harmless appearance, could drastically reduce the life of your smartphone, even causing failures such as stopping charging or completely messing up the terminal.

The next time you change terminals take the test and evaluate these practical tips: you will notice how taking them into account the experience with your phone improves, staying at full capacity for longer.

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    Above all do not connect with other cables that are not the phone, I know of a case that by connecting the charger of another mobile, the battery has been screwed up well