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the Sims There games that suppose a before and an after and arrive to break with the established thing. We can find titles as epic as League of Legends, GTA FIFA that have marked a whole generation of gamers. One of these celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020, and we are talking about nothing more nor less than the saga of The Sims. As you well know, these games were released for the first time on PC, although later they were expanded to other platforms. To relive their adventures, we give you a list of the best games in the series and some imitations to play on your mobile.

Will wright, an American video game developer, created the first image-based video game in 3D, which was a revolution in this world. Wright used ideas from other games like Raid on Bungeling Bay to create The Sims 1, the first title in the saga. What nobody expected is that in such a short time they would reach such popularity, since it led them to become the best-selling computer video game franchise in history. To be more exact, they have sold more than 175 million units, almost nothing.

The Sims: decorate, create your family and everything that could be done

The truth is that to explain the success of this saga we can base ourselves on many reasons. Who knows if it was, as we have already said, because of the novel 3D graphics and images, its format or a gameplay never seen before. However, this game caused that feeling because there was no target clear in the game. When you were playing for the first time, all you had to do was create your character or avatar and from there, let your imagination fly.

Later you could create other Sims to accompany your protagonist, and create homes to house them with all kinds of details and luxuries. In this way, you could establish social relationships with others, interact and satisfy their needs. There was no limit to anything, so you could create families, neighborhoods and all the necessary elements to live like a king. In other words, it basically allowed us to simulate or reproduce our lives and those of our environment in a virtual way.

Are there official downloadable versions of The Sims on Android?

As we have already said, these games are also available to play on our phone. We had to wait 10 years to see the first title, and a little longer for the second. Although it is from a much smaller screen, we can do practically the same as in its versions for PC and platforms.

The Sims ™ FreePlay

the sims free play

The first game in the series came to the phones in December 2011. Through this title we can live a complete experience of your characters, being able to customize all aspects of their lives. You can choose between 34 Different Sims, or create your own as in its original format. From here, the possibilities are immense, being able to design and build dream homes. As you build families, you can expand the SimCity and create all kinds of shops so that they can enjoy them. It also allows you to visit the cities of your other friends to establish new relationships with other characters.

The Sims ™ FreePlay
The Sims ™ FreePlay
Price: To be announced

The Sims ™ Mobile

The second official title was released in early 2018. Unlike the previous one, we can see that the graphics and images are of much better quality. On The Sims Mobile you can give free rein to your imagination, both for the creation of the characters and for the design and construction of houses or cities. You can choose a unique look and feel for each Sim and meet new people to share your life with. As they gain life experience, you can add personality traits, but you already know that everything depends on you and how you act in each situation. On the other hand, you will also be the guide of their lives, being able to choose their professions and hobbies to find your ideal partner.

Price: Free

Imitations of The Sims: the best and the worst

As the series began to achieve the success that it continues to have today, other games based on the original idea emerged. The truth is that these titles are quite in line with the main objective of The Sims. We can create our own character and edit it to our liking, build the house of our dreams and establish social relationships with other people. However, some of these games focus more on some aspects than others. For example, some offer much more customization possibilities in the avatar than in the home, or vice versa. Therefore, we will not be able to fully enjoy the experience that The Sims does guarantee us.

Be that as it may, the truth is that there are very good options for parallel life simulators, albeit virtually. The settings and characters are very varied, and we can explore these worlds in a broader way than in the original format. In addition, some of them allow us to meet new people in their multiplayer mode. Next we tell you the best options that we can find in the store Google Play.

Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life

You will enter a Clearbell Island, a virtual 3D world where you can create your second life in detail. Beyond offering the same possibilities as in The Sims, we will have to solve a mystery. Recently a series of mysterious events and unexplained apparitions have occurred on the island, so our goal will be to discover what it is all about. The game offers you a multiplayer experience in a open world with which to play with your friends. You can go to shopping malls, walk your pet in the park and become a highly successful person. You can get around on foot, by car or by hot air balloon, and choose from thousands of combinations and styles to create your perfect avatar.

SimCity BuildIt

This game is part of the original saga, although in this case you will become the mayor of a city. You will create a metropolis with lots of buildings and houses to become a world reference. Your goal is to make all citizens happy, although you will encounter problems such as pollution or traffic, for which you will have to take action. You can build skyscrapers, parks and place them strategically to keep the tax flow. As you progress you will unlock new regions y monuments exclusive like the Statue of Liberty. You can also fight against other cities in its multiplayer mode and get rewards to improve yours.

SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt
Price: Free

Home street

This simulation game will allow you to build your ideal home. You can expand and remodel your home whenever you want, in addition to decorating it with hundreds of styles and objects. It allows you to create and customize your character and choose from a wide variety of faces, hairstyles and physique, as well as their clothing sets. As you progress, you will meet other people or neighbors from all over the world. You can visit them or help them build strong relationships. Home Sweet It allows you to live your own professional adventure, being able to go on television and create your own business. You will also be able to discover your hidden talents and learn new skills to progress in your life.

Avakin life

En Avakin life offers a world with incredible locations to explore freely. It guarantees unparalleled fun, and you can socialize with your friends in your homes. It offers some sensational house customization possibilities, being able to edit any part. In addition, it is frequently updated to add resources, objects and animations for the characters. You can easily meet friends, and it has a 3D chat to interact with people from all over the world. It also has a scoring system in which the best apartments appear, being able to obtain rewards if you occupy the highest positions.

Virtual mom

If you want to live a more "carnal" experience, Virtual mom It will make it very easy for you. With this game you can put yourself in the role of a virtual single mother. You will be able to live the day to day of the protagonist and fulfill all her tasks, but you must do it correctly if you do not want problems to appear. Everyone will be aware of you, both your children and the neighbors and people around you. Take your children to school, create the garden of your dreams and combine it with your office work. It has high-quality 3D graphics and sound effects that will completely immerse you in this experience. The controls are simple and easy to use.

life sim 2

life sim 2

And we end with this title in which you can become a successful person thanks to your profession. You will star in the most popular TV shows or become a world-class actor or singer. You will start from the lowest and little by little you will progress until you become a star. As you progress you will meet many people who will help you on your way, and you can even find your soul mate and build the house of your dreams. Your decisions affect destiny, so you will have to choose well which path you want to take in your life.

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