6 games to combat stress from Android

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Our day-to-day life is usually stressful, so much so that we go through bad times and that they tend to improve if those habits are corrected. Sometimes we need little for it, either going out, walking or even playing games, whether real or through a mobile application.

In this list we show you 6 games to combat stress from Android, all through fun mini-games that will give us a lot of life. They promise to put an end to physical tension, fatigue and that boredom that happens at that moment, all based on entertainment.

Android Anxiety Apps
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Antistress Relaxing Games

anti stress games

Stress is something that appears throughout our lives, it does so on several occasions, so it will be normal in various kinds of cases. It makes many people get into a loop, which is sometimes difficult to get out of, but sometimes has an easy solution, gambling for example.

Doctors often recommend doing a number of things to combat it, whether it's squeezing a soft rubber ball, doing chores to keep you entertained, and more. Antistress relaxing games is an app with which to entertain yourself and put an end to physical or emotional tension.

Through minigames, the player will have to complete some things that is asked of you, thus becoming busy and forgetting everything around you. It is recommended by experts as it has a great effect and ends the general stress caused by our daily lives.

Antistress Relaxing Games
Antistress Relaxing Games
Developer: DobroApps
Price: Free

Anti-stress: Relaxing Games

anti stress game

Thanks to the fun games of this application we are going to relax throughout the sessions, which are varied and above all fun. It serves to de-stress, since throughout each of the available titles, the player will show an expensive improvement and ending the desired stress.

Specialists usually recommend making some games over time, so it is recommended to always have one on hand, including the virtual one. Add more than 40 games, which are quite interestingIn addition, each one will ask you to pay attention for at least a few minutes.

Among the games available, Antistress: relaxing games It has one to crush whatever comes out, recharge by yourself, open and close, among others. The application has been created by Content Arcade Games, which sees how this application has already surpassed 10 million downloads.

Antistress – toys for you

antistress toys

Through small games, this antistress tool promises to relax you and with it end any stress you have, be it emotional or tension. He has been incorporating things throughout his arrival at the Play Store, including several more additional mini-games.

It is the quintessential application, the most sought after by those who need to relax for a while and forget everything around them. Antistress: toys for you has games like placing stones, crushing a virtual ball and even drawing a wolf.

Anything will make you avoid thinking about what makes you so anxious, which is usually always the one that causes us to drown and generates stress. Try to avoid stress by having this app installed for Android devices, which is highly recommended if you are looking for a free pastime.

Antistress - toys for you
Antistress - toys for you
Developer: JindoBlu
Price: Free

Anti Stress Anxiety Games

stress app

Fight anxiety and stress with this huge app called “Anti Stress Anxiety Games”, which is a free tool and available on the Play Store. Through mini-games, this app becomes ideal in any of the things, be it in the beginning of physical and also emotional tension.

Throw the dice, move a car, crush the ball and many others make it possible for us to gradually remove everything that we carry behind our backs as the minutes go by. It has an ASMR game, with this you can have a good time, laugh and even do it in company, either at home or away from it.

The relief is usually immediate, it refreshes the mind, and as if that were not enough, is called to be one of the virtual games through app that experts recommend. The person in charge of this app is Touchzing Media Private Limited, which over time has been able to consolidate this well-known application.

Antistress: relaxing games

anti stress gaming

Games have been relaxing people and thereby reducing stress, very present in the daily life of many people. Antiest´res: relaxing games was born to combat this and it has managed to do so, all based on mini-games that will allow us to remove all the accumulated tension.

Among the available games you have the option of turning lamps on and off, clicking on sensors, moving the corn or putting the ball in a glass, among others. throughout the sessions, the user is the one who will see a noticeable improvement throughout each of the mini-games.

It incorporates a relaxation application, it is important to say that it works, it usually puts a background theme with which you are going to have the feeling of improvement every time. Antistress: relaxing games is a new app, but since it has been installed on more than 100.000 Android devices.

Relaxing Antistress Game

Relaxing anti-stress game

If you want to seek a little relaxation, it is the application designed for it, all in a colorful yet easy-to-use interface. Once you open it you will see all the available games, which are loaded in just over two seconds, you just have to click on one of them.

Draw with chalk, listen to bricks break, touch buttons, slide your finger through the water and other games that will make the tension go away for a while. Relaxing Antistress Game is a new app, but it's here to stay, since it barely reaches 1.000 downloads right now.

The minigames have an estimated duration of a few minutes, although you have some extras that make it an interesting and quite relevant application. It is recommended together with the previous ones, and it also usually has a very good effect on children and adults. Is free.

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