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Heardle in Spanish

If you are a lover of music and at the same time of intellectual challenges, applications and programs to guess songs will be the best combination for you, something like the perfect formula for your happiness and fun. In recent years, they have become famous the English and Spanish versions of Heardle, a game precisely developed to guess songs.

This online game does not require downloading any application, because It is available on its website, this being one of its main attractions. It's extremely fun, and you'll be amazed at how many versions and game modes it has at its disposal, for the most varied tastes and musical interests.

What is Heardle?

This is a game that since Some time ago it caught the attention of many music lovers. In it you will have to decipher what musical theme it is just by listening to a small fragment of it. Of course, this could get too complicated and frustrating. if I had to manually type the name of the artist and the subject.

Heardle in Spanish

To do this, the developers of this version of Heardle in Spanish have devised a mechanism in which you must start typing the name and the possible answers will be shown to you. Available genres range from pop, rock, hip hop, country and many more. In the same way, you will find great successes from different eras.

What features make Heardle a special game?

  • Count with one huge catalog of topics musicals from different decades and musical genres.
  • Its interface is extremely simple and easy to use. So you can play with just a few simple touches on the screen.
  • Su scoring system is very fast and has great precision.
  • You can share the results every day in your different social networks , and in this way show off your musical knowledge in front of friends and family.

What are its basic principles?

Similar to some other popular word games, such as the world famous Wordle, will have a few attempts to guess both the artist and the song. To be precise, you will have 6 attempts, with each new attempt you will have the possibility to listen to a larger fragment of each musical theme.


There is no time limit for it. although you should know that after 24 hours the song changes to a new one . They are extracted from the SoundCloud platform. In its English version, the songs you will find are all in English, plus the Heardle adaptation in Spanish contains musical themes from our language.

Where to play Heardle?

One of its biggest pluses is that it won't even be necessary to download an application to be able to access this fun game, since you can do so with only Internet access and a compatible device. The game is available on its official website, where you must access through the web browser of your choice.

You will be able to access the official Heardle website here .

How to play this song guessing game?

  1. The first thing you should do, as we mentioned above, will be to enter the main Heardle web page. To do this, you can use the web browser of your choice, the only requirement being Internet access.
  2. As soon as you can access the page, on its main screen you'll see a set of instructions, plus a Play button.
  3. You will press on it to start playing the music, it will only play for a second this. Games

  4. At the end of this short period of time, you have two options, one of them will be to press the button Skip , it will skip a response and you can play another second of the song. As you need more listening time, These periods will increase.
  5. It is also found enabled a search bar, so you can enter the name of the singer or the musical theme you think it is.
  6. Once you start typing, it will show you some possible answers, choose the one you consider and press the option Submit .
  7. If you are shown one X in red color, means that the answer entered is wrong. If the X is orange sample is because the artist name is correct.
  8. In case you manage to hit, you will be shown a link in order to fully reproduce it.
  9. In addition to a button to share the results on your social networks.

What other versions of this popular online game are there?

Once you are inside the web page of the application, You can find by sliding your finger down many versions of Heardle. And we would dare to affirm that every musical taste will be satisfied by such variety.

Some of the most popular are: 

  • Heardle: daily listening.
  • Heardle's 2000.
  • Heardle: Easy listening.
  • Heardle: Unlimited.
  • Heardle: Listen to the 90s.
  • Rock Ear.
  • Taylor Swift Heardle.
  • Draco Heardle.

All of the above mentioned they keep a gameplay identical or quite similar to the main game, you just have to click on it and you will be redirected to its main web pages. Of course, depending on your musical interests, you will be able to explore the varieties of the existing game.

What tricks to follow to more easily guess the musical theme of the day?

  • The most important thing will be pay close attention to the first second of the song . Identifying the rhythm, the musical instruments used and the voice of the interpreter is key to this.
  • If you don't manage to hit in the first second, you have several more available. We recommend that you listen carefully and putting all your attention on it. Heard

  • Listening to a variety of music and expanding your musical knowledge is the crux for success at Heardle.

We hope that in this article you have known everything related to Heardle, which is available in Spanish and English for the enjoyment of lovers of good music. This game of guessing words that has managed to conquer the preference of many. Let us know in the comments if you know of any games similar to Heardle that you would recommend. We read you.

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