How to activate the Fixed screen option in Android 9 Pie so that nobody snoops on your mobile

La Fixed screenIn English Screen Pinning, is an option present in Android from Lollipop, and that returns in Android 9 Pie through a new setting path. Activating this tool will allow lend your phone to a friend, family member or acquaintance with all the peace of mind in the world: when you turn on this utility, the app that is open at that time is the only one that will stay on, thus ensuring that no one who has your phone can leave the app and gossip your Photo gallery, your messages from WhatsApp… We explain how to activate this tool with these simple steps.

Although it is an old acquaintance of Android terminals, the Fixed Screen utility, which first appeared four versions of the popular Google operating system, returns with its usual efficiency. The truth is that their commitment is basic: to allow the owners of the phone to protect their data from third parties when they provide the terminal. If, for example, you want to show a video on YouTube to someone close to you but you don't want that someone to pick up your phone, exit the YouTube app and start snooping through your photo gallery or chats, use Fixed screen.

The fixed screen what it does is lock the app that is in the foreground and prevents unpinning it if a pattern or PIN that you configure yourself is not used. In Android 9 Pie activating it is still something relatively simple, despite the fact that, as usual in updates or version changes, many utilities change their Settings paths and sometimes finding them becomes somewhat difficult.

How to activate Fixed screen in Android 9 Pie

Although there may be variations - we have used a terminal Huawei with Pie - the truth is that they will not differ much from the route we have followed. The route is simple. You go to the tab Settings of your device and you select Security and privacy. Then you select Additional adjustments and the last option is Fixed screen.

Fixed screen on Android 9 Pie

Once inside the Fixed screen option, you can establish certain parameters, such as requesting or not a password when deactivating the blocking Screen to undock the Fixed Screen.

Fixed screen on Android 9 Pie

Ready. Now you can leave your terminal to trusted people without any fear that you Privacy be compromised.

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