Approve your driving license with Todotest

approve your driving license with the help of TodoTest.

Approve the driver's license It is something that will change your life completely. Because, the moment you become a driver, you gain freedom and opportunities. For example, you can look for work outside your area of ​​residence, knowing that you will be able to get around without having to resort to third parties or depending on public transport.

But for your dream of becoming a driver to materialize, you first have to pass a theoretical exam and a practical exam. Demonstrate to a DGT examiner that you know the traffic rules and have the basic skills to get behind the wheel of a car. Luckily, technology is on your side. In the case of Todotest, this is an essential app for aspiring drivers.

Todotest, what is it?

What is this app called todotest?

As you can imagine from its name, it is a mobile app specially designed to help to those who wish to approve the driving license. Because it contains hundreds of batteries of questions that will help you prepare to obtain:

  • Driving license B (for passenger cars).
  • Motorcycle permits.
  • Moped permit.
  • Truck driving license.
  • Permit to tow a trailer.
  • Bus driving license.

If you already have a driving license, this app will also be useful if you have to go through a points recovery course.

It is very complete and is updated weekly, so The information always complies with the regulations that are in force at all times. And, what's more, it's free.

Are the tests official from the DGT?

This testing platform is independent, and It is nourished by both official DGT tests and other unofficial ones. But, thanks to the collaboration of users, the information it offers and its questions and solutions adjust very well to reality and what we are going to find in the theoretical exam.

In addition, it also has forums in which Users can ask questions, share their opinions and experiences.

An additional advantage is that, in addition to telling us what the correct answer is, we find an explanation that will help us better understand our mistakes. Thus, approving your driving license will be a little easier.

How long should I study each day to pass my driving license?

How long can you study to pass your driving license?

The time you have to dedicate to it depends a little on each person. It is obvious that you should find a few minutes each day to dedicate to your preparation, but You don't need to spend hours either and hours with the book and the tests.

One or two hours a day is more than enough. Take a few minutes to read the manual that you will have been given at the driving school. and then do some tests. Finally, go back over the theory related to the questions you missed.

If you do it this way, in one or two months you will be more than prepared to face the theoretical exam to pass your driving license.

How many questions can I fail to pass my driving license?

The theory exam has not changed much in recent years. You are asked a form of 30 questions that you must answer in a total of 30 minutes, and they allow you a maximum of three failures.

The ideal is that, in the half hour that you have to take the exam, you will be able to Finish the questionnaire and review it to make sure everything is correct. Therefore, you cannot linger too long on each question.

To go with plenty of time and not worry about errors, you have to handle the theory very well. Something that isYou will only achieve it by studying the topics and practicing tests.

The advantages of studying with Todotest

Advantages of studying with TodoTest

Todotest is a Help tool to approve your driving license. It does not replace driving school, but it can be a good complement to it.

You can spend as much time as you want

The driving school has a schedule, but Todotest does not. You can test your knowledge anytime, anywhere. For example, while you wait for the bus to go to class, or on your lunch break at work.

If you would like to speed up your preparation and be ready for the theoretical exam As soon as possible, take advantage of all your “dead” moments to take tests. Even if you make a lot of mistakes at first, in a few days you will notice a significant improvement.

They are official DGT tests

This app collects the official DGT tests, but also has hundreds of more questions. Thus, Your preparation will be much more complete.

When you fail, don't forget to check the explanation of the answer. You don't have to learn the answers to the questions by heart, but to understand why one answer is right and another wrong. If you understand the subject, solving the questionnaires will be much easier for you.

It is a free application

Unlike other apps designed to help you pass your driving license, Todotest is free. Something that is appreciated, because Obtaining a driving license can be quite expensive.

Between registration, exam fees, practical classes, psychotechnical test, and a possible renewal of the roles, At the end of the process it is common to have spent more than 1.000 euros.

You can study for different driving licenses

Unlike other apps in which you have to buy access to different courses and tests, in this one you have everything at your disposal from the first moment.

It is perfect if you You are getting a type B license to drive a car, but also if you aspire to be a biker, you want to drive a truck or a bus.

The app itself contains a lot of information about the different driving licenses that are available and the requirements that are required in each case. This will help you know what you need to obtain the license you want.

When it comes to passing a driver's license, any help is welcome. That's why Todotest has become so popular. If you are in the process of obtaining your license, go ahead and try it and you will see that you advance much faster in the study and become more effective when it comes to solving the tests successfully.