So you can install the new One UI Launcher on your Galaxy mobile

install One UI launcher on a Samsung Galaxy

Samsung launches a new application launcher on the occasion of Android Pie. With One UI you will improve the experience of using your device with one hand, and so you can try this new launcher on your mobile.

One UI Launcher: a new interface to use your mobile with one hand

Gone are the times when Samsung was criticized by TouchWiz. In recent years those customization layer was replaced by Samsung Experience, which has convinced locals and strangers and has made the Korean firm earn a good name. Now, and on the occasion of Android Pie, Samsung faces another reality: large mobile phones and all screens that are difficult to use with one hand.

From the company they have understood that with current trends it is necessary to rethink how we use the mobile, and your ideas for the future are represented in One UI, a new layer of personalization that, above all, makes it easier to use the mobile with one hand. In addition, it also offers a general dark mode that is still lacking in native Android today, giving it a considerable advantage over devices Android One.

install One UI launcher on a Samsung Galaxy

How to install One UI launcher on a Samsung Galaxy in a simple way

To use and install One UI Launcher right away, two conditions are necessary:

  • Have a mobile Samsung Galaxy.
  • The operating system must be Android Oreo or higher.

So this system will be valid for any high-end device of Samsung of the last years and those of other ranges launched in recent months. In case you have an old or not updated mobile, do not try it, because it will not work. From here, everything is as simple as downloading an apk file:

Download that apk file on your mobile phone Samsung Galaxy with Android Oreo and install it. Make sure to activate the Unknown origins for it. Once the installation is complete, try pressing the Home button and choose One UI Launcher to start using it. If it doesn't appear like this, go to your application drawer and select its icon. And in case it still does not work like that, go to the settings of your mobile and go to the section of default apps. Locate the launcher settings and select the one you just downloaded. With any of these methods it will be enough to use One UI launcher on a Samsung Galaxy.