Get to know the best children's Android TV applications

Get to know the best children's Android TV applications

The Android TV kids apps They are a great solution to keep the little ones in the house entertained. But with the security of knowing that they are consuming audiovisual content adapted to their age.

The number of channels and apps of this type has multiplied in recent years, so it is time for you to catch up on what children's content is like and which are the best television channels of this genre.

What content should a children's television channel have?

Children's channels are aimed at a very specific audience, generally between 0 and 12 years old. Therefore, they must have content that adapts to the training and tastes of girls and boys.

In them we will find:

  • Educational programs. That encourage learning in different areas that can range from science to social skills.
  • Pedagogical content. The content incorporates pedagogical elements that stimulate cognitive development, such as educational songs or interactive games.
  • Creative programs. Responsible for stimulating imagination and creativity. This includes animated series, puppet performances, storytelling, etc.
  • Appropriate humor. A little humor never hurts in Android TV children's applications, but it must be adjusted to the volitional capacity of minors.
  • Narratives with values. The content must promote ethical and civic values ​​such as friendship, empathy and honesty.
  • Exemplary characters. The characters in programs and series should be a model that children want to imitate and that provides positive lessons.
  • Cultural inclusion. It is important that children from different backgrounds and with different life experiences can identify with the content.
  • Digital awareness. In the new digital age, children's content must also convey messages that help children learn more about online safety and the responsible use of technology.
  • Information for parents. These types of channels must provide educational resources to parents and include programming that can be enjoyed as a family.

Television channels for your children to enjoy and learn

Smart TV is a perfect tool to entertain children, as long as we do not abuse it and viewing is limited to content appropriate to the age of the minors.

Among the Android TV children's applications, these that we highlight offer quality educational and fun content.

YouTube Kids


Technology for children is a field with a lot of room for development. YouTube does not want to be left behind, and for years it has had a version of its video platform aimed specifically at children over four years old.

A careful analysis of the uploaded content is done, so parents can be sure that Your children will not access inappropriate videos for his age. In addition, its use is very simple and it is a completely free app.

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Play TV

This application is part of the Toca Life World universe, which has its Toca TV channel available, with content aimed at those over 6 years old.

Includes both external videos and internally produced videos with which the little ones They can learn crafts, songs, cooking recipes and much more.

Sky Kids

sky kids

An app with content designed for children between 3 and 9 years old. Groups of parents have participated in its development, so the content has gone through the strictest filter that exists: parental control.

It is an app full of good content and with very notable security functions. Consequently, both children and parents love it.

Sky Kids
Sky Kids
Developer: Sky UK Limited
Price: To be announced

Android Pokémon TV

This channel is more aimed at children from the age of eight and adolescents, because it includes all the episodes of the Pokémon saga.

Unfortunately, since January 8, it is no longer possible to download the application, and it will no longer be operational on March 28. Luckily, fans of this anime can continue enjoying your favorite episodes on Boing, Netflix, Neox and Prime Video.

SeriesLan Android

If you miss the cartoon series from your childhood and would like your children to be able to enjoy them, this is one of those Android TV children's applications that you will be grateful to have.

Because it has a wide catalog of classic cartoon series. The Musketeers, Hong Kong, Mickey Mouse and much more. Surely you are going to want to spend hours and hours with your children in front of the TV to remember the old days.

Boeing App Android

Boeing App

For those who have children, the Boing channel is an old acquaintance. Well then, now you can also have it in app version, so that your children can continue watching their favorite series in Spanish or English.

Episodes, activities and a wide range of entertainment specially adapted for the children of the house.

Boing App: series and games
Boing App: series and games
Price: To be announced

BabyTV Android

BabyTV - Preschool Toddler TV

Completely free of advertising and with hours and hours of content designed specifically for younger children, This app can get you out of trouble when your children urgently need entertainment.

RTVE Android Clan

RTVE Android TV Clan

Clan is the children's channel of Spanish Radio Television and, as could not be less than its competition, it also has its app.

SpongeBob, Peppa Pig, Patrol Canine…hundreds of episodes with which your children will learn and have fun.

RTVE Android TV Clan
RTVE Android TV Clan
Price: To be announced

ChuChu TV Android

ChuChu TV Android

A very educational children's channel with which children can discover the world interactively and through music. Its content is divided for children from 0 to 3 years old and from 3 to 6 years old.

With parental control and all the security measures so that the little ones can enjoy their favorite channel without risks.

Kidjo TV Android

Kidjo TV

Cartoons, tutorials, games and much more. A perfect channel for primary school age children to learn and have fun in their free time.

If there is something you don't want them to see, no problem, because you can use parental controls.

Kidjo TV: Videos for kids
Kidjo TV: Videos for kids
Developer: Kidjo
Price: Free

Learn about the benefits that children's series and cartoons provide

Do you have doubts about downloading any of these Android TV children's applications? To help you clear them up, pay attention to all the benefits of this child-oriented content:

  • Helps children enrich their vocabulary.
  • Stimulates listening comprehension.
  • It stimulates critical thinking and problem solving, because many plots pose problematic situations that the protagonists have to solve.
  • They encourage the imagination.
  • Narratives explore emotions and help children develop empathy.
  • They pose situations that provide lessons about friendship, cooperation and teamwork.
  • They include notions about ethical behavior.
  • They present diverse characters and teach children to appreciate and accept differences.

It is clear that with Android TV children's applications everything is an advantage for children and parents. Do you dare to try some?