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Logic Master 2

LogicMaster is an incredible game that will test our intelligence, while doing it in a fun and quite complete way. It is quite a fun application and ideal for those who love puzzles and logic games. Do you think you are smart enough or do you think you are dumb? Either way, LogicMaster it will show how you are.

We will start the game by choosing a profile name and the language we want to play with, available in both English and Spanish. The challenge will be unleashed through mini-games that, as we complete, will become increasingly more difficult. And we will not be able to know what test we will face later, because the phases will be loaded as we complete them.

One of the puzzles, for example, is the frogs, a scenario in which we find six frogs, three brown and three green, which are deposited on different stones. Our task will be to exchange the frogs on the right with those on the left. It sounds simple, and that's what the game is about, it's only simple if you think about it the right way.

Measures the level of intelligence

Our level of intelligence will be determined through a world ranking that will measure our speed when solving the game. Sometimes it will be too difficult to pass the level, but this should not be something worrying, since, if we are not able to continue, or we have stagnated, the developer of this game has published a guide that can be downloaded to solve some issues. This guide provides us with either clues or complete solutions. of any of the levels. We will be the ones who will choose between seeing only the clues, and solving them ourselves with a little help, or seeing the solution directly, which will be shown to us with a video with the explanation.

Frenzied games

Logic Master 3

The games are of a high level, due to having to put together the puzzles, if you play them you will have to squeeze your brain a lot. Logic Master is a title for your Android device that will require the best of you, also of those who sign up for the game, extra help never hurts.

It is challenging, for creative minds, in the volume 1 edition it has more than 60 different puzzles, so if you need to improve cognitive skills, it is the best in this sense. Add 200 complex questions, although some have their logic as long as you get it right throughout them.

Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist will work offline, in this review we have many things, highlighting the questions that are different, both science, culture and something related to sports. It is important to mention that if you get it right and your opponent doesn't, whenever you play multiplayer, the bar will appear with which to fill it.

It is updated after its great success


The latest update of Logic Master is from October 26, thus requiring the relevant connection to download the more than 80 megabytes that the last one requires. This application also shows a graphic section that is at least striking, which despite being questions and puzzles, they have been developing.

Among the things fixed, between 4-5 bugs that were a priority have been corrected, one of them security, while the others have been solved due to some of the different questions that were frozen. Logic Master incorporates more than a hundred new questions, in addition to adding new options.

You receive updates every few months, so try to keep it updated due to the large number of questions that are incorporated. Logic Master is a utility that is valid from Android 5.0 onwards, it also works in version 13.0, as well as in version fourteen.

For all ages

Logic Master 4

Despite being designed for ages over 12 yearsIt is good to practice with the little ones as long as they learn things, both logic questions and natural puzzles. In this sense, Logic Master is one of the games that combines two in one that is quite addictive and worth spending many minutes on.

Each answer usually has a score, it will depend on the time it takes and whether you have answered one or two wrong before, having several possibilities. You will learn many things through the questions and answers, since it has the solution if you fail at least three times in the different games you start, which usually have an estimated duration of approximately 8 to 10 minutes, always with at least two players.

Requires a small account, this same account has the basics to start, after that it will not be necessary, except to save the points, which is for the classification table. Logic Master is one of the deliveries that in the second volume (coming soon) will include more than 100 additional questions and a new graphical interface.

Logic Master Tricks

Although it may not seem like it, There are several pages that show all the resolutions of the questions, as well as the puzzles, which are almost infinite. One of them, the favorite of many, is Monkey Gamer, which reveals everything you have to do to resolve what it asks of you.

Among some of those available for answers are the following, which are useful to take advantage of their potential:

Level 1: Tap the button to start the game, ignore the words on the marked buttons and pay full attention to the colors. Tap on the blue one.

Level 2: Press on the red balloons from left to right, thereby ignoring balloons that are not red. New balloons will appear repeatedly, so if more than one appears at a time, just tap the one in the left area.


LogicMaster is available to download for free on Google Play. The drawback is that its guide is paid, also available for 1,20 euros, although it is optional and not at all essential in the game. Do you dare to measure your intelligence?

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