LoLdle a guessing game about League of Legends

Guessing games in the LoL world with LoLdle

Joining the gaming trend daily riddle like Wordle, a fan created LoLdle. The word guessing game created by Josh Wardle has set a trend, and today there are games with similar mechanics to guess everything from songs and books to League of Legends heroes. Exactly what this last thing is about LoLdle.

Unlike Wordle, where we have to guess a 5-letter word, In LoLdle you have to guess one of the heroes of the Riot Games game. To do this, there will be different clues and quotes inspired by the game's heroes, characters that fans will surely recognize because they contribute to the normal development of each game.

How LoLdle came to be

El Reedit user Pimeko made a post on the League of Legends forum about a game inspired by Wordle. There, Pimeko says that he developed, a web game where you have to guess a champion a day, and all players have the same one. The title is based on the main Wordle guessing mechanic, but adds four game modes to challenge players' knowledge.

There will be different opportunities to discover it, and once you enter the name, other information will be revealed to get you closer to the correct answer. You can know their gender, positions, species, and the objective is to demonstrate your knowledge about the saga quickly.

In addition to Wordle, The game also takes elements from Cemantix, Commander Codex and Tusmo, among others. All the information used to guess the hero of the day is taken from the official Fandom page of League of Legends, the online battle royale game that Riot Games continues to expand. A fantasy universe full of incredible characters, magic and special abilities to stop the enemy's advance and win territory in all-out battles.

LoLdle game modes

In the LoLdle web game you can use four different game modes. The modalities are varied and offer different difficulties and ways to reach the objective of the hero's name.

Classic mode

In this mode you have to write the champion name. Each wrong attempt adds new features and special data to get you closer to the correct name.


Shows different quotes that the character says throughout the game. It's another variant to try to find out who is the hero of the day in LoLdle.


In this mode you will be able to see the icon of a spell. This way you can guess which hero he is since most of the special powers and techniques are not repeated

LoLdle art and riddles


In this mode you have to discover the character from a limited section of scenario. Splash Art are small settings that provide details of the character.

The world of League of Legends

The success of League of Legends and the LoLdle guessing experience also marked important advances in immersing yourself in the lore of the game. With so many heroes and proposals, it becomes very addictive to discover day by day who the chosen hero is.

Today the League of Legends heroes or champions They amount to 157. They are unique characters that are added, and many of them have incredible stories, powers and strategies that are the heart of a game that is still valid. Among some of the most popular and interesting we find:


Also known as "The Darkin Sword", is a champion with the power to absorb the life essence of his rivals. He was originally a Shuriman Ascended who set out to face the Void. The battle was terrible, and despite the victory, he was never the same again. Aatrox was locked in his own sword and today is one of the most powerful top lane champions.


Champion Vi was a criminal on the fearsome streets of Zaun. a woman of impulsive temperament and little respect for authority. After growing up in solitude, he fully developed his survival instincts and is a character capable of resisting large amounts of damage. He also offers considerable attack power, achieving stability for the most complex games.


A skilled swordsman who can use the wind against his enemies. He was wrongfully accused of murdering his teacher, and unable to prove his innocence he had to kill his brother in self-defense. Although the murderer was later discovered, and his brother mysteriously returned from the dead, Yasuo continues to wander the world without forgiving himself. He is a champion called “The Sword Without Honor”, ​​but in games he can be a great ally, capable of generating a large amount of damage.


The vast world of League of Legends has many characters and champions to discover. Through LoLdle's fun mechanics you can demonstrate your knowledge of the saga and become the number 1 connoisseur of the franchise.

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