MapMetrics, the app with which you earn money for driving

MapMetrics, the app with which you earn money for driving

Getting behind the wheel of your car allows you to move with total freedom, but it also involves a significant expense in fuel. Can you imagine then being able to earn money while driving? No, it is not about becoming a taxi driver or VTC driver, but about something totally different. And that is precisely what it offers you MapMetrics.

This app has quickly become popular worldwide, and is interesting both for those who want to earn extra money and for those who want to immerse themselves or have already done so in the field of cryptocurrencies.

What is MapMetrics?

What is mapmetrics?

It is an application that You can download for free on both the App Store and Google Play. It works like any other browser and helps us get to places when we drive our car, just like Waze or Google Maps.

The difference is that with this app we can obtain an extra benefit: gcollect cryptocurrencies.

Although we could say that you get paid to drive, this is not entirely true. Because the app pays you in exchange for obtaining your data and knowing your geographic location. Of course, this data will be kept anonymous.

Why does MapMetrics want that information? Well, as you already imagine, for trade with it.

Consumer data has a lot of value in the market, and There are companies willing to pay a lot of money for them. What MapMetrics does is collect this information, anonymize it, and then sell it to companies that will use it for market research, design of marketing campaigns, etc.

This information is used to create a basic profile that helps companies offer products and services more effectively. For example, If you are a man between 30 and 45 years old who travels daily from work to daycare, Brands will know that you have small children, and will be able to offer you products related to your personal situation.

For some, this app operates more ethically than the rest. Because other apps, whether browsers or any other functionality, also use our data and trade with it. But They neither tell us directly nor pay us for it.

The great thing about MapMetrics is that it makes us aware that our data has value, and it rewards us for providing it to you.

How does MapMetrics work?

How it works to make money.

It's not much more complicated than using Waze or another browser. The difference is that you need to have a wallet to accumulate the cryptocurrencies that you are going to earn.

Let's see it step by step:

Open a wallet for cryptocurrencies

If you don't already have it, the first thing you need is a wallet. A digital wallet in which they will accumulate the cryptocurrencies you obtain through MapMetrics and also those you get through other sources.

It's easy, you can download a wallet app in mobile app stores. Yes indeed, Choose a version that is easy to use, secure, and has a good reputation between users

To access digital money you will need a password. Create one that is unique to this service and difficult for hackers to figure out. Try making combinations of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. But Keep in mind that you will need to remember it in the future to be able to access your wallet,Yes, be careful and memorize it.

If you choose to write it down, never save it on a digital device. It will be safer the old-fashioned way, written down on a piece of paper that you keep at home. However, it It is still better that you memorize it and do not leave a record of it anywhere.

Download MapMetrics

Now that you have your cryptocurrency wallet, you can access the App Store from your iPhone or Google Play through your Android mobile and download this browser completely free of charge.

If you have Android Auto in your car, you will soon have this application available for download. This is even more convenient, because you can directly use your vehicle's navigator and You don't have to resort to the mobile phone.

You create your profile like in any other app of this type, and You now have everything ready to start using it.

Connect the app and wallet

The next step is to allow the connection between MapMetrics and your wallet. This is essential so that the navigation app can enter the cryptocurrencies that you generate by using it into your digital wallet.

Use the app every time you drive

The good thing about this application is that you can use it on all your trips, even if they are outside the country, because it has global coverage. In fact, it also has an offline mode of operation and allows you to download maps.

As you accumulate kilometers you earn tokens. lWhat MapMetrics does is buy those tokens that you have generated by exchanging them for the cryptocurrencies that you will receive in your wallet.

The more you move, the more cryptocurrencies you will earn, so don't forget to start the app every time you get in your car. TOEven if you know perfectly how to get to your destination.

The MapMetrics universe expands

This is how this app spreads.

This application is turning out to be a success. Good proof of this is that its developers already They are thinking about new features that could be ready in a very short time.

The goal is that this app continue to pay us also when we perform actions such as hiring a VTC service, charging our electric vehicle, booking a taxi or renting a bicycle.

A business model that the competition is surely examining with a magnifying glass. So it is possible that in the future we will find similar applications.

We will not be able to prevent apps from keeping our data and using it for their benefit but, at least, with this system, Let's get some economic return from that information. which until now we have been giving away for free.

MapMetrics has been a revolution, and can become the pioneer of a new way of understanding the relationship between users, data and apps.