5 Mobile applications that will help you clean your house

Woman cleaning the house.

Keeping the house clean and tidy can be an odyssey for many people. Between work, children, daily responsibilities, and the unexpected, sometimes there is no time or energy left to take care of cleaning the home. Technology can become a great ally to get out of this trouble. There are mobile applications that can help us optimize and better organize cleaning tasks in our home.

In this article you will find the best applications available to help you clean and tidy your home. You will know their characteristics and benefits so that you can choose which of them best suits your needs.

How can a mobile application help me clean my house?

Father and son cleaning.

Mobile home order and organization applications can help you clean your house. These types of apps offer multiple benefits such as specific functions to plan your cleaning routines. Many of them have customizable schedules. You can customize both the days and the frequencies to perform each household task such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

If you need alarms or reminders to do a specific task, these applications can also help you. Most of these apps have the function of sending reminders in the form of notifications or alerts when a scheduled task is due.

In case you have a family, cleaning apps can be very useful for assigning specific tasks to each member. There are even apps that give you the option to control each person's different tasks. You can track their progress to encourage consistency in completing tasks.

There are even apps that make the house cleaning experience like a game. These apps not only promote competition with the allocation of points, but also motivate participants to finish your pending tasks to keep the home clean and tidy.

In addition to mobile applications, you can include a cleaning robot in your routine. Although these types of devices require a greater investment, these can automatically sweep, vacuum and mop different surfaces.

Mobile applications for cleaning and ordering your home

We believe that it is not necessary to go into additional expenses such as purchasing cleaning robots when you can easily organize yourself with mobile applications. In this list you will find the best applications available in the Google Play Store that will help you optimize the cleaning of your house.

Cozi Family Organizer

One of the applications to help you clean your house is Cozi Family Organizer.

Cozi Family Organizer is a free app that makes it easier to manage daily family life. It has several notable features such as a family calendar to track the schedules of all family members. You can schedule reminders in it for important events. It even has an option to send automated emails to each member of the family group to remind them of upcoming events. It also offers the ability to subscribe to other calendars, such as work, school, personal, and team calendars.

The app also includes shopping lists and to do lists that are synchronizable so that all family members can know what needs to be purchased at the supermarket and add or remove items that need to be purchased or that have already been purchased. A very useful function to avoid forgetfulness when preparing lunches or dinners. Cozi also allows you to create checklists for pending tasks that can be used to check that children have completed their assigned tasks. This option can also be useful for vacation checklists.

Other features that this app includes is a recipe box and widgets on the home screen for quick access to all its functions. The recipe box is used to organize all your recipes and have them on hand when you need them. It is very practical because it allows you to add ingredients to the shopping list and even schedule meals on the calendar.

Cozi toasts accessibility from any mobile device or computer for all family members through a shared account. Everyone can log in with their individual email addresses using a shared family password. Lastly, the app provides the option to subscribe to Cozi Gold, an ad-free premium subscription that provides additional features such as Birthday Tracker, more reminders, mobile month view, change notifications, and other features.

Cozi Family Organizer
Cozi Family Organizer
Developer: Cozy Inc.
Price: Free


Tody's characteristics.

tody is a cleaning application that allows manage household order and organization tasks based on needs rather than specific dates. That is, it does not establish deadlines to complete tasks, nor does it have mandatory alarms or notifications. All of these are optional.

Additionally, the app provides a visual representation of dirt to motivate the user to clean. The app's approach is rather playful, as it transforms cleaning into a game.

Allows members of a house sync plans and users, taking credit for the success of a task. It also offers a personalized cleaning plan, adaptable to any need.

It is the preferred cleaning app for professionals. What's more, the famous Martha Stewart endorses and recommends it.

Developer: LoopLoop Aps
Price: Free


Another application to help you clean your house is Nipto.

Niptus is a home cleaning application that has as one of its main features the ability to organize household tasks. This app makes it easy to distribution of tasks between partners, children, roommates and family members in general.

One point that differentiates Nipto from other house cleaning applications is its system of points. Users accumulate points by completing household tasks throughout the week. The app chooses a winner based on the accumulation of points, who can receive a reward. Points are not cumulative, they reset at the beginning of a new week.

This points system can be organized according to game modes. You can choose between the competition between users or setting personal goals. The rewards given to winners encourage the completion of household tasks effectively.

On the other hand, the app also provides other functions to its users such as the possibility of include children's accounts, with customizable point goals for them. It is also an app where you can customize household tasks according to your needs and preferences. It even has a participation tracking function for each player, to see individual performance. Finally, another notable function of the app is the reminders for housework important. You can use them to keep efficient tracking.

Nipt: Housework
Nipt: Housework
Developer: Niptus
Price: Free

Clean House

Clean House Features.

Clean House, like other house cleaning apps, is easy to use. It has a simple interface, designed to make household tasks easier.

But, unlike the other applications, Clean House has a preventative approach to keeping the house clean. Clean House's goal with this approach is to prevent the house from getting dirty in the first place, rather than tackling cleaning when it's too late.

The application offers a housework schedule that tells you when to perform quick and simple tasks around the home. This reduces cleaning responsibilities on a regular basis instead of tackling large backlogs of work.

It is an app that provides a personalized experience because it puts control in the hands of the user. You can set your own individual tasks, intervals and preferences. The app also allows users to set the repeat interval for each task. A feature that helps maintain a consistent routine. To keep everything in order, the app uses notifications to remind users when to complete scheduled tasks.


Sweepy is another application that will help you clean your house.

Cleaning your house may require applications like Sweepy. A comprehensive application that helps you organize and simplify home cleaning tasks while giving you motivates through gamification and friendly competition.

The main features of Sweepy are:

  • Track cleaning by room. You can control each of the environments in your home.
  • Prioritization of urgent tasks. The app prioritizes tasks that require immediate cleaning.
  • Equitable distribution of responsibilities. With Sweepy you can assign cleaning tasks among the residents of your home, facilitating a fair distribution of work.
  • Automatic generation of daily schedules. The app assigns a daily schedule for each member of the household, therefore, time management for cleaning tasks is optimized.
  • Synchronization between devices. Information between different devices is constantly synchronized, that is, everything is up to date anywhere.
  • Motivation through progress tracking. All users can monitor the progress of cleaning tasks.
  • Leader board competition. Its playful approach makes cleaning a game, where users can compete to get first place on the leader board.

Carefully analyze your needs and choose from these applications the one that best fits your routine.