How to play Minesweeper on your mobile

How to play Minesweeper on your Android mobile

El Minesweeper is a brain teaser and puzzle game very popular that since its first version in 1989 has been present in different devices. Today it is possible to play minesweeper on mobile and we will tell you how. Thanks to the Google search engine and its secret games, it is possible to play a version that is compatible with both PC and Android phones and tablets.

We explore a little the history of the game, its origins and how to play it without complications and totally free on Android. Train your wits to detect the explosives and finish each of the screens that are randomly created to challenge your skills.

The origins of the Minesweeper

In 1989, Curt Johnson and Robert Donner created Minesweeper and its rules that have remained unchanged through the years. The game has 4 difficulty levels that translate into larger grids where we will have to detect the explosives. The difficulty levels are:

  • Beginner, with a 9×9 grid and 10 hidden mines.
  • Intermediate, 16x16 grid and 40 mines to spot.
  • Expert, 30×16 grid and 99 hidden mines.
  • Customized, you can set your own game parameters.

El objective of the game is to click on the spaces to reveal them all, and mark the ones where there is a hidden mine. If you open a box with a mine, the game is over. To detect spaces you have to use mathematical logic. The boxes that we select and do not have mines, indicate with a number how many mines there are adjacent. Therefore, if we open a box that has the number 1, there are 8 chances around finding a mine since the corners are included.

Step by step, play minesweeper on mobile

To use the Minesweeper Google minigame just enter the web page of the search engine. There you enter the term Minesweeper and the first link will not be to a web page, but a module with the game ready to start. Press the Play button on the module and you can enjoy Minesweeper on mobile. A proposal that challenges your ingenuity and your abilities to detect the spaces occupied on the screen by different explosive mines.

Tips to win in Minesweeper

If to date you have not been able to finish any game in Minesweeper, the time has come to take note and follow some tricks and instructions. These are not tricks that definitively resolve a game, but rather recommendations to improve your approach to the game. It's a puzle where you have to be patient and use logic, but that can be trained to get more accurate results.

start from the corners

The best place to start undoing the grid is at the corners. Advancing from the outer front and getting closer to the center of the scenario it is easier to discover the hidden mines.

Check the possible explosive boxes

In addition to marking which squares are mines, you can also use a question mark. This modality does not uncover the box, but leaves it marked as a possible mine. Once you have discovered adjacent panels you can finish deciding whether or not it is a hidden mine.

Logic works, up to a point.

As the game progresses, you may come across moments where logic won't suffice. Sometimes you have to take a risk and try to guess, because there are no other alternatives to detect the exact position of a mine. This tends to happen more frequently towards the end of the game, when the boxes to unlock are almost completely reduced.

The power of observation

A very important element to win in Minesweeper is the observation. Be patient and pay attention to each of the boxes, what they indicate and what they do not show us. When a square has a mine adjacent to it, you have to pay attention to the ends that we have already released around it.

We may not be able to guess at first, but if we continue to explore the setting there are chances of getting a clue that will help us understand where the explosives are hidden. Minesweeper for mobile or PC responds to this same logic, an intelligent entertainment title, for patient people and totally random that offers you new challenges every time you start a new game.


One of the most interesting aspects of Minesweeper is that Today you can play on mobile or PC, and this accounts for its popularity. A game with extremely simple mechanics to understand, but complex to carry out in the games. A simple visual style, little demand for resources, and the possibility of playing games of different difficulty to improve.

In addition, Minesweeper for mobile creates totally random games. The experience is never repeated. So we have a title that, despite the passage of time, remains just as valid. When it comes to generating new fans, it has it all.

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