Blend, what is the new function that Instagram works on?

Blend, what is the new function that Instagram works on?

The competition between social networks is strong and, precisely for this reason, these platforms cannot stop renewing themselves. In the case of Instagram, the new tool it is working on is called Blend.

This functionality is not yet available, but everything seems to indicate that it will have a lot to do with the way we consume Reels. Let's see what it is and how it can change the way we use one of the most popular social media.

How do Instagram Reels work?

How do Instagram Reels work?

As we said, Blend is related to Reels, so let's first take an approach to this functionality.

Reels are short videos that are easy to create and consume. Unlike stories, which have an ephemeral duration, Reels are permanent and allow direct interaction of other users with this content, since they can share it or leave comments.

Its operation is simple:

  • Creation. They can be created from the Instagram camera. Simply open it and click on the “Reels” option that appears at the bottom of the screen. You can record your 60-second clip directly from here, or import it directly from the gallery. And you can also add effects and music.
  • Edition. From the same interface you can do the editing. For example, adjusting the speed of the video, adding stickers, text, or defining the duration.
  • Share. Once you have the Reel ready you can add a description and hashtags and it is ready to share. You can post it directly to your story or send it to your friends via direct messages.
  • To explore. If you want to see content created by others, access the Reels section from the search tab. This allows you to view short videos created by other users, organized according to your interests and the accounts you follow.

Blend will mean a change in the Reels

The Reels operating system is very simple, but everything seems to indicate that Instagram is working on some modifications, which It will change the way we consume this content. Taking a turn towards more social consumption.

The new tool will operate as follows: once you invite a friend to participate in a Blend, a personalized and exclusive feed will automatically be created for you.

The algorithm will take into account your common interactions to select the Reels that it will show you. For example, the posts you have shared or the similar accounts you follow. This is a system somewhat similar to Spotify playlists, which you already know can be shared and viewed by several people.

Why is Instagram working on Blend?

Why is Instagram working on Blend?

As we said before, social networks cannot stop innovating if they want to continue keeping their users loyal. They move in an environment with a lot of competition, and They need to offer something different from the rest.

In the specific case of Instagram, Their commitment to Blend is based on three reasons:

Increased time spent on the network

All social media are designed so that we spend as much time as possible on them. Because the longer we stay there we will see more advertising and more money these platforms are going to earn.

Hence, one of the objectives of this functionality is for us to spend even more time on Instagram. By sharing the experience of watching Reels with friends, We are going to feel more comfortable and we are not going to be very conscious of the time that has passed.

Improve knowledge about users

The more time we spend on a social network and the more content we consume on it, the more data it obtains about us.

Hence, one of the objectives of this new tool is to refine the information that Instagram already has about our tastes and preferences. With the objective of being able to offer us content (and advertising) increasingly segmented and adapted to what we like.


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, and it cannot afford to be left behind. Blend is one more way to demonstrate its hegemony and differentiate itself from other social networks that are already hot on its heels, as is the case with TikTok.

In fact, TikTok itself is working on TikTok Notes, a new social network focused on photography, which could become a direct competitor to Instagram. Therefore, the Meta social network wants to get ahead of the rest and offer us with Blend something that no other social network had thought of until now.

What we don't know yet is when Blend will be available to users. But it is such a big novelty that Instagram is sure to announce it with great fanfare when everything is ready for the tool to come into action.

Why use Reels?

Why use Reels?

While Blend arrives, it doesn't hurt to review the benefits you can obtain by using Reels, especially if you use your Instagram account to publicize your business or want to become an influencer:

  • Greater reach and visibility. Reels manage to increase the visibility of the content because they reach a broader audience, even people who do not follow the account that created it.
  • They increase engagement. Short videos easily capture attention and are an easy and fun way to interact with your audience. This manages to gradually build loyalty among the public.
  • They are a form of creativity and expression. Reels can be fun videos, quick tips, tutorials, dances... By experimenting with music, effects and editing, you can make your videos stand out from the rest.
  • Promotion of products or services. A short video is a good way to show your products in action or demonstrate your services. Thus, commercial information reaches the audience, without having to create more complex and invasive advertising campaigns.
  • Interact with the community. Reels are also a formula to stimulate interaction with followers. Sending messages that will give rise to an emotional response, raising questions or some small challenge.

Reels are a powerful tool to increase visibility on Instagram and, with Blend, we will have the opportunity to make our content reach even further.