How to renew your driving license online

How to renew your driving license online

Nobody likes to do bureaucratic procedures, but most of them are essential, as is the case with renewing your driver's license. If you have a license to operate a motor vehicle, it is important that it is valid, otherwise you could be fined. What you may not know is that you no longer need to travel to do this procedure, you can renew your driving license online.

Renewing your permit is now much easier than a few years ago, so you no longer have an excuse for having it expired. Take a look at the effective date and, if you see that it is close to expiring, consider that the time has come to renew.

How often is the driving license renewed?

How often is the driving license renewed?

Getting a driving license involves invest time and money. Although not all of us find it difficult the same, what we have in common is that we are very lazy when the time comes to renew, but this is an absolutely necessary procedure.

The driver's license cannot be valid for life. because it is necessary for us drivers to periodically undergo an exam that evaluates our capabilities and the acuity of our senses. Through what is known as the psychotechnical examination.

Driving license B (the car one) and the A2 (the motorcycle one) They are renewed every 10 years. Once you reach 65, the renewal is done every five years. Because it is understood that, as we age, our reflexes diminish, and it is advisable that we pass the psychotechnical exam more frequently to see if we are really in good condition to drive.

Although the general rule is 10 years until turning 65, Please note that for some people the validity period may be shorter., regardless of your age. It occurs, for example, in the case of those who regularly take certain medications.

Furthermore, not all permits have the same validity period. Those in class C1, C1+E, E, C, C+E, D and D+E expire after five years and, once you reach 65 years of age, you have to renew them every three years. For its part, the Class AM or moped license expires after two years.

When can you renew your driving license?

When can you renew your driving license?

You can renew it from the moment the validity period is less than three months. Bringing forward the renewal will not cause you to lose days of validity.

That is, if your license expires on March 20 of this year and you renew it on March 1, The new validity also begins to count from March 20.

If your driving license has expired, you can renew it, the DGT will not give you a problem. What you cannot do is drive with an out-of-date license.

When you do the renewal, they will give you proof that you have completed the process and you are waiting to receive the final document. With this proof you can drive normally, so don't forget to leave it in your car or always carry it in your wallet.

Can you renew your driving license online?

Can you renew your driving license online?

If you are one of those who are too lazy to go through the process of renewing your driver's license, we have good news. The DGT is increasingly digitalized and you can now do this procedure without having to leave home. Of course, you are not going to get rid of psychotechnical recognition, You will have to spend it in an establishment authorized for this.

The process to renew your driving license online is as follows:

Become a psychotechnician

Make an appointment at an authorized Driver Recognition Center to have a psychophysical fitness test done. This hasn't changed much in recent years, they will test your vision, hearing and reflexes.

This report is valid for 90 days. If you do not complete the renewal process within that period, then you will have to take the test again.

Pay the fees

Once you have your psychotechnic passed, access the DGT Electronic Headquarters and proceeds to pay the renewal fees. The price may vary depending on the type of permit you are going to renew.

The option you have to choose is “Extension of validity of driving permits and licenses”.

Submit the application

Once the fees have been paid, access the electronic registry within the DGT Electronic Headquarters and select the corresponding Headquarters or Traffic Office according to your address.

In the "Affair" choose “Driving license renewal + ”. Also add the attached documents that are necessary for renewal:

Official renewal application form duly completed. If you want to simplify the task, authorize the DGT to verify your registration address.
Psychophysical aptitude report.
Receipt of payment of the fee or fee number.

Afterwards, all you have to do is register the request and download the proof that you have completed the procedure. Once the General Directorate of Traffic has requested your request, they will summon you to the Headquarters or Traffic Office to submit a current 32x26 mm photograph for the license.

Another way to renew your driving license

If you don't feel like renewing your driving license online, you can do it even more easily. Since in any case you have to go through an authorized Driver Recognition Center, do the processing from there.

If you choose this option, you will undergo a psychotechnical examination and, in addition, they will take your photo and present your renewal application to the DGT. You will pay both the physical fitness test and the license renewal fees at the time, and They will give you proof that you have completed the procedures to update your card. If you use this system, you no longer have to worry about anything else, in a few weeks the DGT will send your new document to your home.

Did you know that you can renew your driving license online? This or other formulas such as doing it through the Driver Recognition Center make the tedious task of keeping our license in force much easier.