All about the Pokémon Go Fest 2024 in Madrid

Pokémon Go Fest Madrid

Spanish Pokémon players are in luck, because this year the Go Fest is being held in the capital of Madrid. A unique opportunity to fully enjoy this game with family and friends, and even to meet other coaches. Let's see everything that has in store for us Pokémon Go Fest Madrid.

The Go Fest is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated events for fans of the Niantic game. Three intense days that will feature the Pokémon of the seventh generation, especially Marshadow.

Where is the Pokémon Go Fest Madrid held?

Where is the Pokémon Go Fest Madrid held?

The planned dates for the event are June 14 to 16. The experience is divided into two parts, one in the Juan Carlos I park and the other exploring the city of Madrid.

Inside the park there will be a special fair where attendees can purchase Pokémon merchandise. One of the most notable items is the Pokémon Go Festival 2024 t-shirt. Pikachu and Eevee will also be there, so that Anyone who wants can take photos with them.

Tickets can be purchased directly on the Niantic website, and coaches can choose how to divide their day. That is, if they want to go to the park in the morning and explore the city in the afternoon, or do it the other way around. The experience for everyone will be the same, it only changes the time at which players will be in one location or another.

The entrance price is 32 euros for a single day. Participants can only purchase tickets for one day of Pokémon Go Fest Madrid, so that many more people can enjoy the experience and minimize crowds.

Pokémon Go Fest in Madrid, New York and Sendai

Pokémon Go Fest in Madrid, New York and Sendai

The Go Fest will be held simultaneously in three major cities worldwide. In the Japanese city of Sendai, in New York and in Madrid.

In New York, the gaming system has also been structured in two phases. Trainers will search for their favorite Pokémon between Randall's Island Park and the city streets. In Sendai The game is divided between the city streets and Nanakita Park.

The seventh generation will be the protagonist

The Pokémon Go Fest Madrid is a good opportunity to complete the Pokédex with the specimens of the seventh generation, those from the Alola region. Although the Ultra Beasts will also play a leading role, which the trainers will be able to encounter in the raids.

But, without a doubt, the most interesting thing about the event is the possibility of capturing the Legendary Marshadow. The Shadow Mora Pokémon will make its debut at Go Fest, and to get it you will have to do a special research exclusive to the event.

Other news will be the appearance of Klefki, the Keychain Pokémon that is only usually seen in France, This time it will be available for coaches exploring Madrid. Additionally, the Shiny Crawbrawler will be available for the first time.

Trainers will also be able to capture Eevee with a sun crown and a moon crown, and Rotom Calor will be the protagonist in the snapshots.

Pokémon available with a variocolor version

In the park, trainers will encounter different Pokémon, many of them available in a shiny version:

  • Mysterious labyrinth. Pikachu and Eevee with a moon crown, Hisui's Voltorb, Lickitung, Natu, Baltoy, Beldum, Pansage, Munna, Petilil, Ferroseed and Espurr, among others.
  • Rocky shore. Pikachu and Eevee with sun crown, Lapras with scarf, Chinchou, Nosepass, Shieldon, Throh, Tirtouga, Amaura, Crabawler, Dewpider, Jangmo-o (without shiny).
  • Cursed forest. Pikachu and Eevee with moon crown, Zubat, Tangela, Sableye, Cacnea, Lunatone, Deino, Oricorio Apasionado, Pancham, orange Flabébé (without shiny) and Phantump.
  • Getaway at dawn. Pikachu and Sun Crown Eevee, Skarmory, Bronzor, Solrock, Fletching, Furfrou, Helioptile, Tyrunt, Oricorio Plácido, Carbink and Sunny Cherrim (both without Shiny).

Players from all over the world

Pokémon Go continues to be one of the most popular games globally. It has millions of players spread around the world, and the Pokémon Go Fest is one of the most anticipated events for trainers.

Although there are some tricks to play Pokémon Go without leaving home, the truth is that the truly interesting thing about this game is going out, exploring new places and sharing the experience with other people.

For this reason, trainers do not hesitate to travel from one city to another to take part in events as important as the Pokémon Go Fest, and we are sure that between June 14 and 16, the Juan Carlos I park and the streets of Madrid They are going to be full of people enjoying their favorite game. If you are interested, there are tickets available to be part of a unique event.

Why do you like Pokémon Go so much?

Why do you like Pokémon Go so much?

If you are still wondering what makes this game unique, here are some reasons for its success:

  • Use of Augmented Reality. It was a pioneer in the use of AR, allowing trainers to capture Pokémon in the real world through their mobile phone, which makes the experience much more immersive.
  • Nostalgia. The Pokémon franchise has a large and very loyal fan base. For many players who were children or teenagers in the 90s, this game brings back very good memories.
  • Community and socialization. Unlike other more individualistic games, players here are encouraged to go out and socialize with others to participate in raids and keep moving forward.
  • Events. Niantic has known how to play its cards very well, and its events are eagerly awaited by millions of Pokémon Go fans.
  • Freemium business model. Although we can buy additional items, the truth is that any player can advance without having to spend money to enjoy the game.
  • Accessibility. The game is characterized by having a simple dynamic and being very accessible, which has allowed it to reach a wide variety of players.
  • Virality. Since its launch, the game became a viral phenomenon and has always had great media coverage.

There are many reasons to enjoy Niantic's game. If you haven't tried it yet, now could be a good opportunity. Enjoy Pokémon Go Fest Madrid!